I think this was my my favorite Halloween ever.

We really didn't do anything too out of the ordinary.
Our friends came over and I made curry to warm our bellies before heading out into the rainy night.

This guy is what made my Halloween so awesome: 
(he says the funniest things and cracked us up the whole night!)
 Bennett the lumberjack:
(pretty much the cutest lumberjack ever)
 Lucy the Tiger and lumberjack Bennett all ready to go trick or treating:
(isn't little Lucy adorable?)
Trick or treeeeat: 
 They took turns ringing the doorbells:
 As B walked away from the houses, he told the homeowners that he was going to chop down their trees or even their houses.
Here he is chopping down a tree:
 His loot at the end of the night:
(apparently our neighborhood is the place to go for full-sized candybars!)
And this guy was dressed in his moose pajamas:
(Buck stayed in the Ergo and we kept each other warm. He slept half of the time and watched B the other half, taking notes for when he can trick or treat next year)

Crazy that we will have two trick or treaters next year!
I can't wait!

(See Bennett as a gnome last halloween here)


  1. Whim Wham Life on November 1, 2012 at 2:36 PM

    Full sized candy bars! Jackpot! I know where we're going next year:-) xoxo

  2. Kira on November 5, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    The full size candy bars are the first thing I noticed. Your neighborhood is the place to go I guess! Also, Bennett's beard is so cute. What did you use to draw it on? Face paint crayon?


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