Yesterday Bennett turned four.
I still can't believe I have a four year crazy!
We have been super busy and aren't slowing down til October, but I wanted to pop in and share Bennett's birthday parties before too much time went by.
Like last year I decided to have separate parties for friends and family,
which has worked out really well.

The friend party was a park close to our house, and the family party was the next day at our house. 
(it was awesome not having to clean up our house after one party to get ready for the next)

I have always loved these quirky dinosaur invites from Paperless Post, so I decided that I'd use them this year and make it a funky dinosaur party.
The friend party at the park was so fun. We had a few kid activities and everyone got to take home an awesome painted dinosaur:
Bennett helped us make a volcano to "erupt" at the party, and I made dirt dessert which went along nicely with the theme:
We hid "dinosaur eggs" around the playground and the kids ran around to find them:
(Bennett's best friend Avery and her dino egg...isn't she cute?)
After finding them, they smashed them on the pavement to get the dinosaurs out:
(I apparently baked them too long because the parents were needed to get these things apart)
Bennett and his loot:
(and dinosaur tail)
I love this picture of Bennett and his friends Hadley and Ezra:
(the difference between girls and boys!)
Opening presents:

The next day we did it all over again, but with family...and not so many kid activities:



For the kids' favors we painted dinosaurs with craft paint.
These were my favorite part about the party.
I was originally thinking of doing these but just painting them multiple coats was more than enough work! 
Dinosaur Bennett excited to open presents:
Blowing out the candle:

I don't typically like themed parties but dinosaurs were pretty fun and I liked finding my own funky spin to it. 

Hey Bennett you're FOUR! Stop growing up so quickly!
It seems like this was just yesterday:
(cliche I know, but seriously)

Happy Birthday little dude, we can't wait to see what four has in store for you!

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