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Lisa Warninger = Amazing!
I think it's pretty ridiculous to hire someone to plan a children's birthday party.
However, if you happen to be a mom that is a party planner, you technically aren't hiring anyone PLUS your kids get to have the coolest parties ever. 
(they probably think their friends' parties are lame though)

Maureen's son really wanted a super hero party, but she didn't want to go the commercial character route. (a lady after my own heart)

I'd say she took it to the next level...

see even more pictures here.

I think she thought of everything!

Seriously, if I can even do an eighth of this for one of Bennett's future birthday parties, I'm sure he would feel like the luckiest boy on the planet.

This is the only party I've ever planned.
It was fun but a lot of work, so I can't even imagine
 how much time it took to plan that superhero party!
We took so many pictures this weekend, so I'll get right to it...

Friday night Chris and I had date night on Belmont St.

We decided to be a little crazy and get dessert and coffee before dinner.
 (I know. sometimes I can't handle us!)

(the coconut cream is amazing)

Inside the counter they have these little dioramas made completely out of paper. 

I like everything about this place, even the 'open' sign:

coffee at Stumptown:

handsome hubby:

Dinner at Hoda's:

lamb shwarma and chicken shwarma:

Saturday we didn't take any pictures, but somebody else did...hint here
Chris studied for his upcoming certification test most of the day, while B and I went to a surprise party for my sweet Grandma's 80th birthday.
She's so cute, I wish I would have taken pictures.
Saturday night we went to church (heard an awesome message by Sarah's hubby Ian)  then came home and passed out.

Sunday was spent doing stuff around the house.
Chris studied some more, and while Bennett napped, I attempted to make bread for the first time.
It wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be

Macaroni Grill's not so top secret rosemary bread:

I'd say it turned out very well for my first experience!
I'm pretty sure Heaven will be filled with warm, fresh-baked bread.

Happy Monday!
My mom kept everything from when we were little...and I mean everything.
This meant we had a lot of boxes to go through when she moved up to Portland right after Bennett was born. It wasn't all bad though, because I won the vintage toy jackpot in my mom's garage!

Bennett absolutely loves all of the toys that I used to love, so I thought I would share a few that we have out right now...

Fisher Price record player:
 it's unfortunately missing a few of the records but he love this thing so much. 
He's our little DJ. 
(if anyone happens to come across any of these little plastic records while thrifting, 
I would love you forever if you sent it to me so we could have a complete set!)

Fisher Price musical push walker thing:
He loves to pretend that he's vacuuming with this when I vacuum. 

wooden Playskool fruit puzzle:
ok this one wasn't mine but I had one exactly like it.
I spotted it at a children's consignment store for $3 a few months back!

He also loves the vintage alphabet blocks and owl clock seen in the last picture of his nursery tour.

one thing I won't let him play with (yet) is the collection of Little People. 
They stay safe on top of the tree picture in his room:

We have a few other things that haven't been brought out yet including the barn, a-frameparking garage, and ferris wheel though we are missing quite a few of the pieces. I probably won't let him play with them all since they are super old (originally were bought for my older sister and brother in the 70's) but I can't wait to bring out the barn!

On another note, it's been so nice the last couple of days and Bennett
 and I have loved going on walks together. 
I couldn't resist taking pictures of my little man:

He loves going on walks, that's for sure!
We had a lovely and low key weekend.

Friday night was date night. 
We grabbed burritos and hung out at Craig and Lauren's.
Somehow I got conned into watching:

Judging by the first ten minutes or so, I thought it was going to be horrible but it actually was pretty funny. 

Saturday, the sun decided to make an appearance!
I had been looking forward to March 19th for a long time because it was the start of the Portland Farmer's Market!

There wasn't much produce since it's still pretty cold/rainy, but it was nice to walk around and check out all the booths just because we could!

Yummies from Tastebud:
(they cook their pizzas in a giant brick oven on wheels!) 

Chris and I split a pita sandwich from Tastebud. 
Messy, but pretty good. 
I think I'll try the pizza next time though.

A Stumptown mocha enjoyed in the Ace lobby:

Last night we went over to our friends the Carter's house to make tacos. 
We always get together for tacos. But they aren't just any tacos...we lightly fry up the corn tortillas so they are chewy/crunchy. Soo not good for you but this has been a tradition since our early college days and there's no sense in stopping it now.  

Avery (their daughter) is 3 months younger than Bennett and they pretty much love eachother. 
Or maybe Bennett uses her for the fun keyboard in her room.
 Either way, he loves going to their house.

After we stuffed ourselves with tacos, we decided to fill in the cracks with some fro yo.
Dolewhip (like the kind they have at Disneyland!) + vanilla = amazing.

That is all.
I hope you had a good weekend too!

Remember these earrings that I mentioned a few times on my wishlists a while back? 

Well, my awesome husband knew I couldn't stop thinking about them and surprised me with them back in January and I haven't taken them off since! 

Best. Earrings. Ever.

I pretty much love everything from Upper Metal Class. 

If you love their stuff as much as I do, right now is a perfect time to buy...

A portion of every purchase from now until March 31st will be donated to the American Red Cross for 
the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fundHow awesome is that?! 

They also just added a few super cute "I love Japan" bracelets  from which 100% of the procedes will be donated directly to the Animal Refuge Kansai:Tohoku-Pacific Quake Animals (read more here).
What a perfect gift for an animal lover!

 I love how delicate everything is even though it's made from metal.
I can't handle the loveliness!

Visit their Etsy shop here
( I kind of love the star necklace and I want another pair of earrings, 
so I definitely will be placing an order before the 31st!)