Wishlist Wednesday

I want any/all of these Gee Wa Wa shoes.

They are so darn cute!

Two Things Tuesday

Two things I am loving in our house right now are:

#1: our West Elm bedding

I know that you can find bedding in all different price ranges, but ever since I tried out West Elm's bedding I haven't gone back. We have multiple quilt sets, duvet covers and sheet sets from WE and haven't ever been disappointed. The materials they use are so comfy, and it's true that you get what you pay for.

I'm especially picky about my sheets and the way they feel on my bare skin...these jersey sheets feel like you are sleeping on your favorite t-shirt! Amazing!

We bought this quilt for our new apartment:

I love that it looks all comfy and broken in.
I also love that it matches the color of the
cement walls in our "sleeping area".

#2: Vintage Telefunken Hi-Fi from the 50's

We paid $100 for this after finding it on Craigslist. It was a steal and we were able to put our own components in it to make it work for our modern little family!

This is my view everyday when I'm on the computer
(we have a mac mini inside and sit on the couch with a wireless keyboard and mouse)

It has a sweet record player in it
(unfortunately none of the powered stuff works right now)

And here is Ember showing you the radio

...and the receiver Chris put into the 'storage' space.

There are even little old speakers that swing out of each side.

Cool huh?

Those are my two things...share yours and link up on Kassi's blog.
It's fun. I promise.

Oh and it's been exactly a year since we found out we were having a boy!

This was right before we left for our ultrasound.
Oh how time flies!

oh yeah don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog
and enter her sweet giveaway!

Baking and a movie

We watched Once this weekend...
I really liked it, the soundtrack is amazing!
There are quite a few f-bombs (it's an Irish Indie), but good nonetheless.

Yesterday we celebrated Chris' birthday with my family.
(His actual birthday isn't until Thursday though)
Every birthday celebration necessitates a yummy cake and
I had been wanting to try out this recipe.

I would rename this Chocolate Ooey Gooey Cake...it was exactly that and oh so good!

We also made these Lemon Glazed Cookies.

I got the recipe from Real Simple and it has been sitting in my cookbook of randomness, untouched for a few years.

Making them is less involved than the recipe makes it seem,
and they taste like something you would buy at a bakery. Yum!

Wishlist Wednesday

While on Hawthorne last weekend,
we stopped in at Local 35.

They carry a new brand called Dunderdon.
I fell in love.

The top one is my favorite and the long coat is adorable!

Can this be my bedroom?

I probably wouldn't ever get out of bed.

I did it!

After going back and forth even right up until they were cut...I got bangs! My friend lindsey (don't worry, she's a stylist at Aveda) came over and gave me some much needed color and bangs.

I'm still not sure if they are "me," whatever that means. I have had the same hairstyle for two years without changing it, so it's a little hard to get used to.

This weekend I found these...

You buy the bottom piece then you can get the different straps and change them out depending on what you feel like wearing.

Cute, right?!

What's even cooler than the way they look is who makes them:

These beautiful ladies (most of whom are believers) are from Uganda and make these sandals

"Sseko Designs is a not-just-for-profit enterprise that recognizes the power of business and responsible consumerism to support sustainable economic development, which in turn affects a country's educational, justice, and health care systems. The goal of Sseko Designs is two-fold: provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda."

I was looking around the website and noticed that you can host House Parties, selling Ssekos. If I were to host a house party would you guys be interested in coming? I have no idea what it takes to host one but I thought I would see if people think these sandals are as awesome as I think they are.

Would you come?

PS: I know I said I would post pics of Bennett's room but I took some pictures but they didn't turn out well and we still have a few more things to hang up. I want to post about it once it is completely done so you get the full effect. Okay? Okay.

Our Humble Abode
part 1
It's small...760 square feet to be exact... and we love it!

This is standing at the front door looking to the left...
You essentially walk into our "bedroom."
It's not as awkward as it sounds and it actually works quite well.

And our bed is to the right...
I love being tucked back in this little nook.
It's quiet and dark.

Just past the bed area, the bathroom is to the left:

I love the round mirror...
...and the flush buttons
(would you like a half or a whole?)
And if you walk out of the bathroom and across the little hallway,
you will be in the kitchen...

the kitchen is open to the living room...
I don't have to be secluded when I cook anymore!

Bennett gets the only bedroom, which is behind that door.
Every time I have a chance to take pictures of it, he is sleeping.
I will post some later...I promise!