Once again, we had a busy, but fun weekend.
I'm pretty sure it will stay like that until January. 
Oy vey.

Buckley is growing way too quickly.
He decided that he wanted a toy that he couldn't reach so he rolled until he got to it:
 Within the last couple of days he actually has been scooting to get things that he wants. 
I'm pretty sure he will be an early crawler. Lord help me.

Friday night we had date night with the Hartmanns.
Chris and I haven't been to Lardo since it was a cart, so we decided to try it out.
It was really awkward to get a good picture in there, but here's Craig and some food:
(haha I'm sure he'd love that picture, right Lauren?)
 I got the only non-pork/non-meat item, the chickpea sandwich which was really good.
Pretty much a falafal in patty form with tzatziki sauce, pickled onions and arugula:
 (Their fries are also amazing, though this is the first time I've really had anything greasy in five months and I did not like the  way that it made me feel! Bleh. I always felt that way after eating heavy meals, but I didn't realize it wasn't normal!)
 Saturday was a full on family day.
In the morning we celebrated Chris' brother's birthday out at their house in Gresham.
We got banished to the kid table:
 Afterwards, we went up to my sister's in Ridgefield to hang out with my family.
My sister made soup and sandwiches and we just hung out while Bennett played with his cousins.
He paused from play to let Chris read him a book about whales and dolphins:
(yes he is in a Thor costume)
 Buck got lots of attention from my mom, sister and I:
 Despite the fact that he was cutting his 2nd tooth, he was really happy:
 He also got in a little bro time:

This afternoon I'm going to the chiropractor for the first time.
I totally messed up my neck and shoulder last week by sleeping on it wrong, so I'm looking forward to that not hurting anymore. Actually, my whole body is probably messed up from carrying two giant babies...maybe she can fix that too.

Ok nap time for all of us.

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Bon Bon on November 8, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    I feel ya on the whole super busy 'til next year thing! sheesh. Life.
    You guys are all looking great! The holidays are gonna be so fun:-) xoxo

  2. Ashley on November 8, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    Good for you going to the chiropractor; that's the only way I can stand up straight!... Thanks for the detailed posts (from about 6 months ago!) about packing for delivery. I am slowly but surely using them as my guideline to get packed up!


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