We finally got a little vacation last weekend.

We go down to Medford and stay with family friends every summer, though this time wasn't quite as relaxing as it was in the past with a baby and a very busy (almost) 3 year old running around.
It was actually a little nutso but nice to get away nonetheless.

We left Friday morning right before nap time, hoping they'd sleep a few hours in the car:
The boys only slept for 40 minutes but I was prepared with tons of books/books on cd/my moms ipad.
Bennett stayed busy and was able to let Buckly nap at least a little bit.

Once we got there, the salt water pool welcomed us as always:
Bennett loves the water and this was the first year he could actually got around all by himself with the help of his floatie thing. He was kicking his legs like a mad man to get around to shoot everyone with his   squirty toy:

Enjoying the not-too-hot hot tub:
We checked out Rogue Creamery:
(Such good cheese! I lived in Medford for 11 years and never even knew it existed.)
Winery Shminery, I could sample cheese all day:
We also visited Lillie Belle Chocolates next door:
(Chris was about to try a sample with a ghost chile in it...SO hot that it needed 3 warning signs incase you didn't see the first two)
He didn't see what the big deal was:
We both got a dark chocolate truffle:
(so good)
On Sunday, Bennett got to ride on "Thomas" at Raildroad Park:
(every 3 year old boy's dream)

Though it was pretty dorky, they had an impressive model train setup:
and we got to go on a lot of out-of-comission cars:
I'm pretty sure this was the only time B sat still all weekend:

and of course we had more pool time:

Monday afternoon we came home to a few fun packages including this awesome banner I ordered for Bennett's birthday which is next week!
(check out Katherine's shop to check out her other cute crafty things) 
All in all it was a pretty good weekend!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

This weekend felt like a long weekend, which is always nice...

Bennett and I hung out on the hammock:
 Bennett went to the Children's museum with his friends Lucy and Pearl.
He especially loved playing the bucket drums:
(his name Bennett Tabor means "blessed drummer"...how cool would it be if he actually became a drummer?!)
 He also did some shopping in their little market:
(Chris didn't approve of his coffee choice)
 He played with the giant lite brite:
(he had crazy hair all day, but I didn't bother to fix it for some reason)
 Thursday for date night Chris and I went to the Cornelius Pass McMenamins.
They have tons of outdoor seating that is pretty much in a forest lit up with strands of lights.
I could spend so much time out there:

Friday night we walked up to the park to swing before bed and some nice old ladies invited us into the community garden and let Bennett pick a bunch of their fruits and veggies:
(Proud of his onions. The little stinker always closes his eyes on purpose when I ask him to smile for a picture.) 
His bounty:
 Saturday morning snuggles while Chris was on a run:
Chris' awesome brother (who helped build the nursery) came to help install windows in/put up the new door.
(we finally got rid of the original door which was a hollow-core without a deadbolt...yes this house pretty much had an interior door for the front door for 60 years...that's safe right?)
How awesome do these windows look from Crestview Doors?!:
Bennett went with my mom to her company picnic and came back with Cookie Monster and Elmo painted on his face: 
 Sunday morning we made zucchini bread pancakes:
 And Chris' dad came over to help cut down the fallen apple tree limb:
 And also helped redo some of the siding:
 We finally got our front light fixture:
(The house isn't painted yet, I was just holding the light up against the swatch we painted to get the full effect. Me likey.)
(Imagine this with a red door next to it...pretty sweet huh?)
And that was our weekend.

Happy Wednesday Friends!
Looking out our kitchen window Friday morning, I said to Chris "it looks like a branch fell down or something"...then we looked a little farther and an entire limb (1/4 of the tree) had in fact fallen down. Right where it snapped, we saw that it had been filled with cement. 
Weird right?
Apparently people used to fill parts of trees with cement in order to keep it from rotting any farther.
Cool, now we get to figure out what to do with it...
the joys of home ownership.
 Friday night we went to my cousin's wedding.
Buck wasn't really into it:
 He pretty much slept the whole time:
 We tried to get a decent picture of us:
 and my grandpa photobombed us:
Saturday morning Buck had a dance party:
(the sprinkler is his favorite move)
 and we went to Rejuvination to check out exterior lighting options.
They have the coolest stuff ever:
 In the afternoon we went to our niece's birthday party.
Bennett soaked his clothes and then wanted to change into his swim stuff:
 and he had a cupcake:
(more like shoved a cupcake)
 Bennett made Buck giggle for the first time. It was so sweet.
Love that sound. So far I've been unsucessful at trying to get him to giggle, no matter how goofy I look, he doesn't want to laugh at me.
 and Sunday after church Bennett said "Hey mama I grew a smushtache":
(it took me a while to figure out what he meant...sunglasses = mushtache)
Hoping to fit a nap in this afternoon!

Happy Thursday Friends!
For date night we decided to try out a Thai cart for dinner. We've heard great stuff about "i like thai food" and all of the meals were $5 which is such a great price, but we decided that we'd rather pay a bit more for the freshness of our favorite Red Onion and also to be able to sit down at a table and use metal forks. We're not food snobs, I promise!
Afterwards we went up to the carts on Division for some Oregon Ice Works.
It's not ice cream or gelato or sorbet, it's ice and fruit pureed/whipped together.
Super good and a great alternative to ice cream if you can't do dairy!
I got vanilla coconut and marionberry.
Chris got blueberry vanilla and mango pineapple.
Saturday we went to the coast!

 It was the hottest day we have had all year, and it was actually hot at the coast as well...which is a rare occurrence! 
We got there pretty early so we were able to get a great spot down by the water.
Bennett found the sandcastle and proceeded to knock it down over the next couple hours.
It was a trek to the ocean since the tide was out and the sand was SO hot to walk on, I heard people saying that their dogs' paws were getting burned! Once we set our stuff down and put up our little tent (for Buck to hang out in) we ran into the water! 
It felt so nice, and I actually don't remember the last time I went into the ocean in Oregon because it's usually too cold.
 It was gorgeous:

 Bennett had so much fun playing in the sand:
 This was the sandcastle that he destroyed:
(also, check out how many people had the same idea as us! I've never seen so many people at the coast in all my visits combined as were there on Saturday!)
 Proof that I was there:
(Also, I'm not a fan of super hot sand/weather, especially when you're carrying a 15lb. heater.)
Buck slept the whole time and was quite relaxed:
 While we were walking up to get rinsed off, B faceplanted in the sand:
 One last picture of the beach:
 Sandwiches for lunch:
 and ice cream of course:
(ice cream is a must on a hot day at the beach)
B went on his first carousel:
(and got to pick out a new car at the toy store too!)
The boys (minus Chris) passed out in the car and slept pretty much the whole 1.5 hours back home.
Once we got home, we all were so worn out that we hung out in the a/c and watched the Olympics for the rest of the night.
(thank you ugly 1970's a/c unit that we almost tore out)
And that was our weekend.

Last weekend was my ten year high school reunion, which I opted out of.
Small talk with people I used to know sounds like torture.
Has anyone gone to theirs? Was it that bad?

Happy Thursday Friends!