Last weekend was great. 
We actually did quite a bit but it still felt relaxing, which is always nice.

On Friday, the boys and I walked up to the park during a break in the rain.
Bennett always swings for a long time and Buck just sits in the stroller and watches. 
(when he's not sleeping)
 This time I decided to let him try it out.
(don't worry, I stuffed a bunch of blankets behind him!)
 He loved it when I pushed him, but wasn't really sure beyond that:
 Friday night we had a family date night to Native Foods Cafe.
This was the first time in a really long time that Bennett didn't have a meltdown in a resturaunt.
It was nice to finally be able to go out to eat as a family and not have to tell Bennett to be quiet or to sit still every 5 seconds!
We sat by the fire again and it was actually a really nice time.
Mmm so good:
 Saturday morning Chris made us breakfast.
Bennett wanted a banana so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show him how to cut it up himself.
My 1.5 years as an assistant teacher at a Montessori school kicked in.
Cutting lesson:
(with a non-sharp toddler knife of course)
Saturday was our first time letting Bennett take a nap without a Pull Up and he stayed completely dry!
He's stayed dry every day since then as well.
We aren't willing to brave night time yet, though he did keep his Pull Up dry last night!
Slowly but surely...finally.

 After nap time we carved a pumpkin.
This was Bennett's first time getting to be a part of it.
I thought he'd be totally grossed out but he loved it:
 Can you tell what they carved?
 Lightning McQueen:
(I'd have to say that Chris did pretty well for free-handing it!)
 And then we roasted pumpkin seeds of course:

 Buckley also cut his first tooth on Saturday.
I had no idea his teeth were that close to the surface.
He's only 5.5 months which seems pretty early, 
compared to Bennett's first tooth popping out at 7.5 months.
I can see the one next to it is about to come up as well.
Poor little guy:
(and poor mama...ouch!)
Saturday night Chris and I watched this documentary :
It was so interesting and was amazing to see what our bodies are capable of.
Watch it here on hulu for free!

 Sunday morning Bennett had some Nutella toast:
 My mom wanted to take Bennett for the day so he could play at her house and so we could have a little toddler (is he even a toddler anymore?) break.
We took full advantage.

We actually went into Ristretto, got our coffee for "here" and sat and drank it out of ceramic cups until it was finished. Sure we had a baby with us, but it was no big deal, except I had to change a diaper here and there.
(Buck was slightly jealous)
 We had been meaning to go out to IKEA and we finally were able to go and get some things crossed off of our list.
We went to our fave Por Que No for brunch/lunch and it was amazing as always:
 and we were able to do a few things around the house.
Chris finished painting the inside of the door and I painted a stool/desk/table for Bennett:
We had dinner at my mom's house, she made chicken and dumplings and apple crisp which were so perfect since it was wet and cold outside.

Such a good weekend, and I'm really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow!
As difficult as it is having a 3 year old, I love that he can do so many more things with us now. 
It's really fun.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Sara on October 30, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Awesome Lightning McQueen pumpkin, Blake would be jealous! And isn't it crazy how much easier it is do things with a baby versus a toddler!

  2. Bon Bon on October 31, 2012 at 12:43 AM

    Weekend perfection! You guys are just the cutest little family:-) AND that pumpkin! Major props to Chris-Dad-Arteeest! xoxo


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