We had the most beautiful weather on Friday.
After nap time, 
I took the boys up to the park for some swinging time:
Instead of date night, we all went over to the Hartmann's for Chipolte and play time:
(Lauren, I decided that we look identical from that angle...weird!) 
While we were changing diapers and getting the kid's pjs on, Fern and Buckley held hands for a bit. 
It was so sweet, but I didn't catch it in time.
This is Lauren trying to get them to do it again:
(of course they didn't...little stinkers)
Saturday was pretty low key.
We snuggled on the couch:
We tackled a lot of tasks on our to-do list like hanging these in the living room:
and putting up our cute little catch-all basket in the laundry room:
(no more pile sitting on the counter!)
Bennett did the second project from his Kiwi Crate (the little green monster)
and I taught him how to use scissors, so he was really into cutting paper for most of the morning:
and we had friends over that night for play time and dinner.
Buck couldn't wait for them to get here:
Sunday morning my mom came over to play with the boys while Chris and I grabbed a quick breakfast at New Seasons before heading to Home Depot to price out stuff for our upcoming bathroom remodel (!!!).
Handsome hubby waiting for food:
Sunday evening while we were at church,  Ember relaxed with a nice latte and peanut butter cookies: 

Happy Friday Friends!

I've been sick all week and today I'm finally feeling back to normal.
 I think the fact that the sun is out in Portland is helping.
I can't wait for the boys to wake up from their nap so we can go to the park!

Last weekend Buck started becoming super mobile, he can pretty much get to anywhere he wants by scooting on his butt. Maybe I'll try to upload a video so show you guys because it's the cutest thing ever.
So happy to be at his toy box:
Friday night we took Bennett to The Old Spaghetti Factory and he loved it.
(what kid doesn't)
The balloon man came to our table and made him a train and he got an Itallian soda and ice cream.
I'm pretty sure he thought it was the best night ever:
Saturday morning we hosted a brunch birthday party for my mom.
Our house is pretty small and we literally have to pull chairs from every room in the house when we have a big group over, but it works and no one seems to mind.
How cute is my grandpa Leo:
Buck loves puffs so much and they always get stuck to his face.
It never gets old:

Speaking of Buckley, he's getting huge:
He turned 9 months on Sunday!
Bennett also got his first Kiwi Crate over the weekend:
We have only done one of the projects so far, but Bennett loved it.
(and he especailly loved getting a package in the mail)
Look at his cute little playground for his puppy:
(kind of dorky I know, but kids love this stuff)
Earlier this week I made my first ever chicken pot pie:
(I used this recipe and used a lot of suggestions in the comments and it turned out so good!)
and these were my tiny valentines yesterday:

Happy Friday Friends!
So I'm pretty sure both boys are going through growth spurts at the same time. I can't keep their clothes from fitting and their bellies full...Lord help me (and my cupboards) when they become teenagers!

Onto the weekend...

Buckley had a little cold over the weekend, but the upside is that he is Mr. Snuggles when he is sick. He was being so sweet and silly and I was trying to take a picture of him giving me a big slobbery kiss (I think he was trying to teethe on my cheek, though I like to think he was kissing me) but he decided to pull my hair instead right when I took the picture. Somehow it turned out super cute and you can't see all of the baby drool/snot on my face. I think it's my favorite picture of us yet:
He started eating finger foods:
(my floors will never be clean again)
Friday night we had my family over for dinner and hang out time.
I decided to make this flourless chocolate cake and it was so good!
recipe and picture via
Saturday morning breakfast included smoothies:
I went to Piccolina to sell/consign some things and came home with these:
After nap, Chris and Bennett met up with their best friends Stephen and Avery for bowling.
Buckley and I got to take a nap and bask in the quietness of our house.
Every once in a while Chris would send me pictures from bowling:
Isn't that little contraption the coolest?:
Sunday Chris made us a tasty breakfast, then we went to the park for a quick swinging session:
We just hung around the house the rest of the day until church.
Bennett made Scout a little nest and he actually stayed in it for a long time.
Looks cozy to me!
We've got two fully days of cleaning and shopping ahead of us, though I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice for us in Portland over the next few days.
Weekend come quickly!

Happy Thursday Friends!