When we moved into this house (yes it was a week ago, but whatever) we knew the first thing we were going to do was get rid of the every-room-is-a-different-color. 
More importantly, we couldn't wait to slather bright white paint on every wall in the house. 
There is just something about an all white house that is fresh and airy even when its 80 degrees (yes that's hot for Oregon) outside.

Painting was the one thing we wanted to completely finish before we moved everything in.
We bought a 5 gallon bucket ($140!) of Behr Ultra Pure White of which the dude said would cover 5 rooms.

We started out painting the bedrooms and we quickly realized our paint was going a lot quicker than we had hoped. We (with the help of Chris' mom) ended up needing to put 3 coats in each room to get it to cover all the way. 
Super annoying. 
It took all week to paint 3 bedrooms plus a coat in the laundry room. We decided we would tackle the rest of the rooms one-per-weekend. We'll see how that goes. 
It could possibly take three 5 gallon buckets to paint this house but we think it's worth it!

Just look at how breezy these rooms seem:







...it's especially hard to get stuff done when this is right out our back door:

Do you think we are crazy for wanting to paint everything white
 or are you going to be super jealous when it's all finished?
I just wanted to give you guys a tiny peek into the new house since we moved in.
Nothing is finished but we are pretty much unpacked (after 3 days!)

The only room that is semi finished is Bennett's because we wanted him to have some kind of normalcy in all this craziness. Yes his room looks different, but it's all the same components at least.

 our bedroom:

 the living room:
 oh and I have my own closet for the first time ever!
 and I modernized the planter box with some non-cheesy plants:
(with my mom's help)
Those are really the only things worth sharing right now, but
we are really loving our new house and neighborhood!

Sorry for such a brief post but I wanted to share before we head out to pick up Chris from work!

I pretty much think it's cheesy when people write personal notes/letters to their husbands on their blog, but I have to make an exception this time. It's our fifth anniversary (go us!) and we are so busy getting the new house ready to move in that we can't even get away to the store alone to get a card. 

So to Chris ...
(and all you guys can peek in too)

Five years have gone by and I love you even more than back then (cliche no?)
I really appreciate everything you do for me (and Bennett) everyday even though I don't always tell you.

Last year for our anniversary last year you completely outdid (is that even a word?) yourself with a giant surprise extravaganza (read part one and two) inluding a helicopter ride and surprise family photos.

It's kind of funny, because this year we are spending it painting, packing, taking a trip to Lowe's to buy a BBQ and getting cavities filled at the dentist (and spending half the day with numb mouths). I actually considered it fitting to write a little love note to you for our #5 on a Home Depot receipt but that would be kind of awkward if we had to return something (since we have had to make many return trips already).

Even if this anniversary isn't romantic, it's still exciting. I think it's pretty darn romantic that you bought us a house and that we are putting time and effort into fixing it up together before we move in.
It's perfect and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else today.

I love you Christopher!


Soo I don't think I've ever posted any wedding pictures because the cd with all the digitals is at my mom's house. I took pictures of the pictures I have in an album so these aren't the best but at least you get to see! Unfortunately the color has changed a lot in five years, but I'm so glad we have those digitals saved on a cd.

Some of my favorites:

Happy Thursday
(and probably Friday too!)
We ended up getting keys Friday evening and for the last three days it has been a mad rush to get stuff done before we move in this coming Saturday! 

We are painting all of the walls white:
(it's taking for.ev.er.)
 We pulled off hideous contact paper that somehow was everywhere. 
I actually liked the original brown gingham but the ugly celestial was put right over the top of it.
 My awesome brother was able to get the ugly slate off of the hearth.
The next step is to put a fresh coat of white paint on all of the brick. 
 Things are slowly but surely getting crossed off the list!
And we are spending way more time/money at Home Depot than we ever thought possible.
I wish we could just go on vacation and have all this stuff done for us by the time we got back.
Oh did I mention that Thursday is our 5 year anniversary?
How romantic to spend it painting and eating subway or Costco hot dogs.
It will all be worth it though!
So we have narrowed down the type of chair we want to get to go with our table.

The only thing is there are a lot of choices for colors...
Do we get all one color?
If we get all one color, should we make it an interesting color
 or do we choose a neutral so we won't get tired of a bold choice?
(also, should we get two arm chairs for the ends of the table to change it up a little?)
 should we go crazy and get different colors?



We know we want the eiffel bases for sure.
We are kind of leaning towards all one color.
I'm favoring white, since our dining room isn't huge and you can see it from all the other rooms.
We are painting all the walls white and I like the idea of the chairs blending in, but having major contrast with the teak table.

What do you guys think?

PS: our hands are sore from SIGNING ON THE DOTTED LINE (about 5,3497 times)!
It's official and we get the keys Monday night!
We just got back from being in warm weather with a pool for 5 days.
It was so nice and relaxing.
Portland welcomed us home with rain today.
Thanks for that PDX.
I'm exhausted and am going to take a nap before I start packing but thought I'd share some pictures...

I miss it already.