So I guess you guys wanted to see more of us in our 80's attire.
Unfortunately, I didn't even think to take a shot of my whole outfit.
(I'm not a fashion blogger. Cut me some slack!)

This is the best picture I have of us and (most of) our outfits.
There you have it.

Happy Weekend Friends!
So I'm getting really good a posting my weekend in review's mid-week.
I'm slacking a bit (though I promise I have a good reason!) but at least I'm keeping up with it right?
I've been working on something that's been taking all of my energy lately...but that's for another post.

Anyways, onto the week in review...

Friday B and I went to the zoo with our friend's The Carters. 
Their daughter Avery is 3 months younger than Bennett and they are best friends 
(their marriage has already been arranged.)
This is the best picture I took all day:
 Then for date night we met up with Daniel and Bonnie for a yummy dinner (our hubby's were roomies for a term in college in a house of 55 guys so there was a lot of talk about the random/interesting people they lived with) and ice cream (once again) at Salt & Straw. 
I decided to try their salted carmel ice cream pie and it was so good!
We discovered that this makes the best pumpkin spiced lattes:
Bennett did a break dancing show/laid on the ground at church:
We played in the backyard in the sun!:
We went to my -bro-in-law's 80's themed b-day party:
(attempt one at picture)
attempt two:
B got a new hat:
(he forgot he was wearing it, that's why it was still on his head)
and we played at the park:
last night Chris and I made granola. It's been a long time, and oh how we've missed it.

Happy Wednesday friends!
I know I was late to the Instagram party since I've had an iphone for 2 months max but...
did you know that you can get magnets made of your instagrams?!
Sticky Gram is a little company just getting started, though I can see a lot of people ordering magnets from them. 
Such a good idea right?!

photos via

How, you ask?
You just go onto their website and create your own pack of magnets from your Instagram feed.
They come in packs of 9 for $14.99 with free shipping anywhere in the world!
What a fun little gift idea as well!
Let me know if you order any, I'm curious to see how they turn out!
This last weekend was so fun and we had perfect weather!

Chris and I decided to try out Breakside Brewery for date night.
We split a burger (with waffle fries!) and a bowl of tortilla soup.
We definitely will be going back for the burger but will be upgrading to sweet potato waffle fries next time!

We left enough room to get some ice cream at Salt & Straw and I'm so glad we did!
I got a scoop of Toffee with Salted Chocolate Ganache ribbons and a scoop of pumpkin cheesecake.
Chris got a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of snickerdoodle.
Soo good!
then we rolled out of there.
...maybe two scoops was a bit of a stretch.
The shop is so cute:
You can even get a float with Pok Pok's drinking vinegar...of which they sell bottles of as well!
Saturday morning Chris got up at the crack of dawn to run, and once again surprised us with a treat from St. Honore, a cute little french bakery.
The chocolate almond crossaint went nicely with the breakfast he made us...
poached eggs, smashed black beans with avocado on an english muffin.
Oh and a latte of course. 
Bennett throughly enjoyed his yogurt:
Getting ready:
Chris playing stand-up at church:
Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with our friends the Cliffs (hi Kelli!)
B saying hi to the goats:
One of these years we will get him to look at the camera when we are doing this:
Annoyed that I was trying to get a picture by the cornstalks:
Putting him to work:
family photo:
Happy Tuesday!
We are off to enjoy this amazing weather!
This will be Bennett's third Halloween, but his first one dressing up and trick or treating.. 
I never wanted to put money or effort into something that he would probably wear for five minutes then go right to bed. 

Since this year he is actually aware of what is happening around him,
(and its probably also the last year I have a say in what he wears)
I wanted him to be something totally dorky but adorable and original at the same time.

I have a picture of his actual costume at the end of my post but just wanted to share some great and original ideas I've seen floating around.
*I don't have a source for any of these costumes, though I found them easily on Pinterest.

(and one of his many lady friends could be Princess Leia)
(isn't this the cutest picture you've ever seen?)
 cardboard dragon:
(I first spotted this picture in the Anthro holiday catalog the year B was born and told 
Bennett that we could totally make this happen a few years down the road.)
(It seems to be more suited for a 3 year old so maybe next year!) 
 oscar the grouch:
where's waldo:
 edward scissorhands:
(a little on the creepy side for a 2 year old though)
 nondescript superhero:
(love this idea. May take it and run if he ever asks to be batman/superman/spiderman)
Dwight K. Schrute:
(This was our runner up but I figured we would have to explain it to every house we went to. No thanks.)
 our winner:
a gnome!

I always start out with intentions of DIYing things, but the prospect of buying a costume and not putting anymore effort into it sounded so nice. I caved and he's going as a gnome...but a dang cute one!

Also, when I was searching for costumes on Pinterest I came across this picture that made me laugh:
This kid looks so mad at his mom for making him squeeze into this noodle bowl costume just so she could get a good picture for her etsy shop. I love his expression! 

Have you seen any awesome costumes out there?
I've been a total blog slacker all week but in my defense we all have been feeling under the weather, and really blogging is the last thing I want to do when I don't feel well.
We're finally on the mend now!

Here's what we did last weekend...

Chris and I went to Red Onion for date night and got some delicious Thai food. 
I'm pretty sure I could eat Thai food everyday.

My fresh squeezed sparkling limeade and Chris' thai iced tea.
Amazing drinks and only $2 each!
 my old standby pad see ew:
 a little fun with picibooth:
 Saturday at the park:
Sunday I went to a PDX blogger brunch at Tasty 'n Sons:
(most of the girls go to Solid Rock, which was funny since we had never met before)
my first time trying their famous chocolate potato doughnut:
(soo good!)
 I never order fried chicken but I had to get the breakfast sandwich here.
Don't judge me. 
(it was smaller than it looks)
 I came home to a cozy fire and hang out time with the in-laws:
 This weekend I also made my very first fritatta, which was improvised without a recipe.
I actually started out making a mexican soup and was sauteeing onions and potatoes but decided the soup was a doozie, so I added eggs to the onion/potato pan with some dollops of ricotta and a little parmasen and s&p. 
I threw it in the oven to cook the top and to my surprise it turned out being pretty good!

Happy Thursday!
Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious I'll post tomorrow too,
two days in a row...can you handle it?!
I've always been a fan of West Elm, though sometimes they go through "global" phases which isn't really my style.
I love clean, simple lines, vintage, Scandanavian and mid century designs.
And white...lots of it.
West Elm's current new arrivals hit the nail on the head and had me drooling as I looked through the new catalog, so I thought I'd share!

(how cute would this be in a nursery?)

They also have started revealing this year's Christmas collection!
I'm so excited to decorate an actual house this year with outdoor Christmas lights and a real/normal sized tree! (our mini tree that we bought at Whole Foods and carried all the way back to our apartment last year only lasted a week or so. Read more here and here.)
The few Christmas decorations I've seen at West Elm this year have me excited to see the rest!

I am so getting this wreath to go over our fireplace:

and these cute felt snowflakes better find their way to my tree:
(though they may have to wait until the after Christmas sales hit to stock up for a whole tree full!)

I love you West Elm!