This last week was the third week in a row that we'd all been sick!
I'm so thankful we are on the mend now but it's definitely no fun being sick during the nicest week ever.
Mid 70's and sun pretty much summed up the weather while we were stuck inside, though we did sneak out in the evenings to get a little fresh air.
We did lots of swinging:


Buck was the only one with an appetite (he's a bottomless pit) he grabbed Bennett's peanut butter and jelly sandwich and just started shoving.
I, of course, let him because I wanted to get pictures.
His first time eating peanut butter and he thought it was pretty darn tasty:
On Friday, we met up with my friend Kelli and her daughter Lucy.
Me and the boys:
Bennett knew we were going to see the zoo's new flamingos and he spotted these and legitimately thought they were the big exhibit we had come to see:
Brother hugs:
Sticking his tounge out is his favorite:
Friday night for date night we grabbed Baan Thai and ate across the street in this little garden:
Saturday Bennett helped me grab a few things at Trader Joe's:
We me our friends at the fountain:
Bennett wasn't too sure at first:
Once Chris ran through with him he couldn't get enough:
Sunday we went on a long walk.
We stopped at a park for more swinging:

I'm so happy that we have another week of amazing weather!
Happy  Monday Friends!
This week we had a few sunny days.
We took advantage by going to the park:
Donde esta Bennett?:
We met Chris for lunch at the food carts by his work:
We had been wanting to try Nong's Khao Man Gai for forever.
Not only is it a food cart (with multiple carts around PDX) it's been voted one of the best restaraunts in the city. That's a pretty big feat. After tasting it, we knew why...
The menu contains different variations of the same dish, the famous Khao Man Gai (poached organic chicken and rice with sauce and broth on the side). I'm pretty sure it was the most tender chicken we've ever tasted and the rice was tasty as well, but once you put the sauce over everything it's obvious why people like it. We weren't quite sure what to do with the broth (dip? make a soup?) but we realized  that you're just supposed to drink it like an appetizer. It wasn't amazing, but that's okay because we had both eaten our meals already and were stuffed. So good!
Lunch bunch:
We ate lunch at the Lovejoy Fountain which is close to Chris' work, and of course B wanted to get his feet wet:
It started out with just his feet, but he ended up having to ride home in his underwear because his pants were soaked. Oh the life of a three year old:
The cats relaxed.
 (what's new)
They seriously love eachother:
Lauren and I had a girl date on Wednesday.
We grabbed a quick dinner at New Seasons 
(the workers were impressed with my hot wok-building skills)
then we headed to the mall where we played with makeup at Sephora, tried on clothes at H&M(why is it that I only ended up buying something for Buck) and I got my eyebrows threaded. I had been wanting to try it for a while and it was crazy, awesome, facinating, painful, but still better than waxing. Hooray for having a shape to my eyebrows again!
My impressive wok bowl:
Friday night we met up with Craig and Lauren at Whole Foods for a quick dinner then hung out at their house for a while before bedtime:
Saturday we went over to my mom's for a bit.
B getting some fresh air outside:
And we came home for a nap. I ended up bringing Buck in to nap with me after he woke up after sleeping for like 30 minutes. I hadn't done that in months but I knew he needed the extra sleep since he's been sick, and I didn't mind the snuggles or the snores:
Last night The Carters came over for dinner.
Avery and Thor ate together:
and Buck is still scooting up a storm.
He has figured out how to push things while scooting, which is pretty impressive.
I got this video while we were at my moms:
IMG 8694 from Becca Hardesty on Vimeo.
The weekend is practically over now,
 have a great week friends!
This last week was pretty mellow for us.
Friday night we met up with our friends Craig and Lauren at Pok Pok Noi for a double date night dinner. It's our favorite place to go with the Hartmann's, and we all always order the same thing (spicy fish sauce wings) I don't even like wings, eating meat off of a bone, or anything even remotely spicy BUT I could totally eat these all day long. They are that good. That was pretty much the highlight of our week because the next day we all got colds and were out of commission.
We watched lots of movies and had a lot of soup.
Chris took Monday off from work (he never takes sick days) but luckily we've all been feeling a little better each day. 

Buck and I took a quick trip to the store:
Diaper hang out time:
On Wednesday the sun was out and we were feeling up to playing outside for the afternoon.
We washed Bennett's wagon:
and we drew with chalk out front:
Thursday we met up with Lauren and Fern and went to
Bennett's favorite park which is right by their house.
Buck kind of liked it too:
On the way back to their house, Bennett got tired of walking and Lauren told him to hop on her back:
(Yes that is her hand holding him, I'm not even sure how she was able to do that with her arm)
Bennett got to visit with their 18 baby chicks:
(yes I said 18!)
I feel like I've been in an uninspired cooking rut lately,
so I have been trying to gather new recipes this week:
(the old fashioned way, which is kind of a nice change from Pinterest)

And that was our week.
Boring, I know but that's totally fine with me.
I like boring.

Happy Weekend Friends!
For Chris' birthday he wanted to take us on a (kid-friendly) hike, so he got off early on Friday and we picked up sandwiches at New Seasons on our way up to Lower Macleay trail. Chris runs on trails through Forest Park every Saturday morning before the boys and I are even awake, and though we hiked one of the trails when Bennett was Buck's age, Bennett had never really seen anything like it before.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever, and he's pretty much right. 
We are so blessed to have places like this practically in our own back yard! 

Buck likes hiking:
He was running and I was trying to capture it. 
I think it turned out kind of cool actually:


Bennett had to stop and throw a rock in the water at every chance he got:
We stopped and had lunch across from this amazing, old moss-covered stone building:
(I did a little research and found out that it was an old public restroom...interesting.)
Dinner on a log:

See I was there too:
One last rock throw before we headed home:

That was the perfect hike for Bennett since it was only .8 miles each way and he LOVED it so we will definitely be back up there soon. 
I think that when it's your birthday week, both of the weekends surrounding your birthday call for celebrating.
Chris turned 29 last Monday, but since he worked, we celebrated last weekend and this weekend. 
One of my gifts to him with the card I made:
Last Saturday we grabbed dinner at Lovejoy Bakers with Chris' parents then we got frozen yogurt and ate it at Jamison Square. While we were there we saw a flash mob proposal. 
It was pretty cute:
I forgot to mention that it was practically summer last weekend, it got up to 75 degrees which means shorts (and bearing very white legs) to Oregonians:
Sunday was Easter:
I think they liked their Easter haul:
Especially Buck:
Our friends invited us over to their house in the morning for brunch and an egg hunt:
Bennett checking out their chickens:
Then in the evening we went to church.
Handsome guys:
We broke out the tank tops for church:
On Monday Bennett had a dentist appointment:
(I'm the mean mom that scheduled their kid's dentist appt for the day after Easter)
Buck has been getting into everything lately.
One of his favorite things to do is to go into Bennett's room, open up his clothes drawer and dump out the underwear all over the ground:
(he's so proud of himself...little stinker)
Buckley has also been pulling up on things, but not quite to standing. 
He gets stuck in this kneeling position then whines for us to come help him get back down:
This week I ordered matching euro swim shorts for the boys:
(I normally would think that matching is super cheesy, but come on, look at them!)
I made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch. It took forever but was very tasty. I can't have much fat in my diet, so instead of the browned butter sauce (which sounds amazing) I just grilled them up in some balsamic vinegar, topped it with a little parmesan and it tasted great:

I also made beet, quinoa, chickpea burgers this week. I didn't take a picture but they were pretty good and it made enough to have a stash in the freezer. I love it when that happens.

We all woke up sick Saturday morning(being sick is no fun when your kids are sick as well...that's when you know you're an adult), but thankfully we were able to get in a date night with great friends on Friday night. I'll start off there on my next "week in review" post.

Have a great night friends!