We got a ton of stuff done over the weekend, and I was able to get away for a bit which has not happened in a while.
I love all three of my boys, but a little 'me time' was much needed.

Thursday we met up with Lauren and Fern and went to the park by their house.
The babies just kind of hung out while Bennett played.
Fern saying hi to Buckley:
The park has a sand pit with a ton of big trucks in it.
(how cool is that?!)
I'm pretty sure B could have stayed there until bedtime.
He was in heaven:
 That evening while I was making dinner, B wanted to "look at the stars" in the hallway, 
so he layed down on his blanket and stared at the ceiling:
(that kid has an imagination)
 I made one of our favorite dinners.
roasted veggie and ricotta pizza:
(recipe here.)
 Buck played a little soccer:
Chris and I had a low key date night Friday night.
We tried out Los Gorditos in the Pearl. 
I had noticed the restaraunt a few months ago for their vegan and vegetarian menus. Back then I wasn't eating meat for health reasons. I recently started adding it slowly back into my diet, though I was nervous to try pork for the first time (I love me some good carnitas).  I was willing to try it out since the place seemed pretty health-minded. I got carnitas tacos and they were amazing. Not greasy or heavy and the homemade corn tortillas were so good.
Chris got the torta.
It wasn't as good as my tacos:
 Buckley turned six months old on Saturday.
He also started sitting:
(okay Buck, for real, stop growing up so quickly)
Sunday morning we had vitamins and water for breakfast.
Super filling, I know.
(just kidding)
 After breakfast I went over to Abi's house for a pillow-making extravaganza:
(It was so nice to get out of the house and hang out with girls AND be crafty. 
I came home to my boys all refreshed. Thanks to Chris for watching the wee ones!)
 Sunday we just hung out at home and did a bunch of projects that had kept getting 
put off for one reason or another.
I sewed up my pillow:
(I love the way it turned out!)
Chris did a bunch of things, one of which was consolidating all of the extra non-burned wax from three old Volcano candles. Does anyone else think those candles are poorly designed?
Anyways, it was a project I'd been meaning to do for a year probably and Chris finally did it for me.
What a guy! We got three good-sized candles out of something that would have otherwise been thrown away! 
(I totally wouldn't go to this much trouble to save any old candle, but Volcano candles just smell so darn good (and are so darn expensive) that I couldn't bring myself to throw the old ones away. So glad I didn't.) 
 Sunday night we went to church.
On the ride home I had given Bennett a cup filled with apple slices and grapes to eat.
After he was done eating, our conversation went like this:

Me: "Bennett what did you do with the grape stem that was in the bottom?
B: "I don't know."
Me: "Benntt is it in your mouth? Spit it out please."
B: "Spit."
(he literally said "spit" as he acted like he was spitting it into the cup. 
You might of had to be there, but immediately after he did that Chris and I want into full on silent laugh mode.)
Me: No really Bennett, do you have it? Where did it go?
B: "It's up in the sky flying"
Me: "Bennett did you eat the grape stem?"
B: "uh huh."

I love that boy. He keeps things interesting.
(and he eats grape stems apparently)

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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  1. Bon Bon on November 13, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    I do the same thing with my volcano candles! There is one sitting by me right now, just hanging out with a burned out wick and plenty of wax left over. grrrrr. It's a candle conspiracy!
    And I'm pretty sure Bennett is the cutest little conversation humorist! xoxo


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