Vintage lovelies

Anthropologie recetly started scouring estate sales and putting the one-of-a-kind beauties up for sale on their website. I love the uniquness of each piece but I especially love the tri-opal one and the one with the emerald and diamonds!

Thanksgiving Festivities

Our Thanksgiving this year was a week long extravaganza.

Last weekend we got together with my family at my sister's house just over the river in Washington. It doesn't snow much around here, even during the winter so when it started snowing we all got really excited. Luckily it stopped after a few hours so we were able to get home safely.

Bennett enjoying his first Thanksgiving meal :
(and using a fork like a pro)

He loved watching his uncles and cousins playing in the snow:
(I have no idea why this is underlined, and no matter what I do it's still underlined. Ugh!)

Showing off his skills:

On Thanksgiving we were planning on going to visit Chris' family but Bennett had a pretty nasty cold that we didn't want to pass onto his cousins so we were graciously invited to have dinner at our friends Keith and Jeanie's house along with their family and some friends from our house church.

I didn't take many pictures but the food was amazing and even the water was fancy:

There is my cheesecake among all of the other yummy desserts:

Sidenote- for the past few weeks I have been working on memorizing all the books of the Bible in order (something I had never done before) and Chris told me that when I had all 66 down that I would get a surprise...

Hunter Boots!
(luckily I fit into the big-kid sizes, they go up to a women's 8 and are so much cheaper!
They are much less floppy than the women's sizes too. Thanks Chris!)

While we were out christening my boots and avoiding disaster, we decided to stop in at Violetta for some yumminess. Chris got an amazing burger with motzeralla and their famous 10-hour tomatoes. I got a 3-cheese grilled cheese sandwich with carmelized onions and Bennett had cheerios.

And to our surprise, they had free homemade dark hot chocolate for customers with lots of yummies to put in it! Soo good!

We also made a lot of paper chains, but you will have to wait to see what we did with them! Here is a little sneak peek:

Sing a carol to your mom
cause she knows whats goin on

My mom really gets into wrapping our Christmas presents every year. The wrapping paper she gets is always super fun and coordinating and she spends a lot of time getting creative with the actual wrapping of the presents too. I remember growing up, she would never let me see the wrapping paper until Christmas morning when the presents were under the tree. Santa also had his own wrapping paper which somehow coordinated nicely with my mom's.

For the last few years, she has been getting her paper at the Container Store and I love their selection, but I have never bought any myself. Most rolls are around $8 but my favorite (the red woodgrain) is only $5.99 which seems like a lot for wrapping paper but you can wrap a few gifts with it and use the rest (or all of it) for crafts or frame it for some super cheap art!

This is an example of my mom's wrapping from last year:
I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites at the Container Store this year, so here is a large sampling of what they have:

As I was going through my pictures from last Christmas, I found this one. It's a pretty sad looking tree at a park by my mom's house. We all walked over and decorated it hoping that it would brighten peoples' day as they walked by it! It was fun and we were sure to pick everything up once Christmas was over!

Because dessert is the most important part

We have two Thanksgivings to go to this year and I am bringing dessert to both. I love baking and trying out new recipes so it's hard for me to choose just one to make. These are a few of the recipes I've saved, most with Thanksgiving in mind. Help me choose!

chocolate dipped potato chips
(not really a dessert and I know it sounds weird but I bet they are so good if you like sweet/savory)

apple gallette

crack pie

pumpkin spice latte cheesecake
(this is the one I'm leaning towards)

easy pumpkin cheese danish

Wishlist Wednesday:
Fossil love
(not the archeology kind)

I love Fossil. They always have unique, well made clothes that are priced pretty reasonably (as opposed to Anthro, which I love, but would expect higher quality for the high prices).
Here are some super cute things I found on Fossil's website:

lovely jacket and plaid shirt:

love this coat:

lacy skirt:

makeup bag w/ mirror on the inside:

plaid shirt:
(I may be the last person on the planet without one of these. I can't find the perfect one)

gorgeous bag:


cute little flower pin:

love, love these slippers:

Did you know that Fossil recently started selling some AWESOME vintage goods? These are some of my favorites, but they are always finding new treasures.

vintage party dress:

vintage mile marker:

vintage mailbox:

button collection in a cute vintage jar: