Last weekend was great. 
We actually did quite a bit but it still felt relaxing, which is always nice.

On Friday, the boys and I walked up to the park during a break in the rain.
Bennett always swings for a long time and Buck just sits in the stroller and watches. 
(when he's not sleeping)
 This time I decided to let him try it out.
(don't worry, I stuffed a bunch of blankets behind him!)
 He loved it when I pushed him, but wasn't really sure beyond that:
 Friday night we had a family date night to Native Foods Cafe.
This was the first time in a really long time that Bennett didn't have a meltdown in a resturaunt.
It was nice to finally be able to go out to eat as a family and not have to tell Bennett to be quiet or to sit still every 5 seconds!
We sat by the fire again and it was actually a really nice time.
Mmm so good:
 Saturday morning Chris made us breakfast.
Bennett wanted a banana so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show him how to cut it up himself.
My 1.5 years as an assistant teacher at a Montessori school kicked in.
Cutting lesson:
(with a non-sharp toddler knife of course)
Saturday was our first time letting Bennett take a nap without a Pull Up and he stayed completely dry!
He's stayed dry every day since then as well.
We aren't willing to brave night time yet, though he did keep his Pull Up dry last night!
Slowly but surely...finally.

 After nap time we carved a pumpkin.
This was Bennett's first time getting to be a part of it.
I thought he'd be totally grossed out but he loved it:
 Can you tell what they carved?
 Lightning McQueen:
(I'd have to say that Chris did pretty well for free-handing it!)
 And then we roasted pumpkin seeds of course:

 Buckley also cut his first tooth on Saturday.
I had no idea his teeth were that close to the surface.
He's only 5.5 months which seems pretty early, 
compared to Bennett's first tooth popping out at 7.5 months.
I can see the one next to it is about to come up as well.
Poor little guy:
(and poor mama...ouch!)
Saturday night Chris and I watched this documentary :
It was so interesting and was amazing to see what our bodies are capable of.
Watch it here on hulu for free!

 Sunday morning Bennett had some Nutella toast:
 My mom wanted to take Bennett for the day so he could play at her house and so we could have a little toddler (is he even a toddler anymore?) break.
We took full advantage.

We actually went into Ristretto, got our coffee for "here" and sat and drank it out of ceramic cups until it was finished. Sure we had a baby with us, but it was no big deal, except I had to change a diaper here and there.
(Buck was slightly jealous)
 We had been meaning to go out to IKEA and we finally were able to go and get some things crossed off of our list.
We went to our fave Por Que No for brunch/lunch and it was amazing as always:
 and we were able to do a few things around the house.
Chris finished painting the inside of the door and I painted a stool/desk/table for Bennett:
We had dinner at my mom's house, she made chicken and dumplings and apple crisp which were so perfect since it was wet and cold outside.

Such a good weekend, and I'm really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow!
As difficult as it is having a 3 year old, I love that he can do so many more things with us now. 
It's really fun.

Happy Tuesday Friends!
We had yet another relaxing weekend.
We're pretty much soaking it up before November comes 
and our schedules are jam-packed until January.

Friday night we got our hairs did by our lovely friend Lindsey.
Afterwards we went to a very late dinner at Broder.
We almost decided to just go home and sleep but I'm so glad we toughed it out and ate some delicious aebleskivers for the team.

Saturday morning we met up with Chris' mom and grandma at Lovejoy Bakers.
We let Bennett run around afterwards to get some energy out
(that child is one big ball of energy!)
 After naptime, the sun was shining a bit so we decided to go to the pumpkin patch.
It was a little drizzly when we got there, which is to be expected in Oregon:
 The drizzle turned into a downpour while we were being pulled out to the patch by the tractor:
 It was kind of fun but we didn't stay down at the patch 
for very long since we were getting completely soaked:
 Searching for a pumpkin:
 Buck and I waiting in line to go back:
 Of course once we got back on the wagon, the rain stopped and the sun came out:
(nice work Oregon)
 Since we were already wet, 
Chris thought it would be fun to splash in puddles once we got home:
 We made some soup and watched Toy Story while we warmed up.

Sunday was the ultimate veg out day.
Everone decided to sleep late for once which was amazing.
Chris made breakfast while I fed Buckley his first taste of food, a banana:
 I'm not surprised he loved it because both Chris abd Bennett are banana-obsessed.
I figured out that we go through about 30 bananas a week!
(Should be interesting once the boys are hungry teenagers. Yikes.)

My mom came over in the afternoon and brought us an apple peeler 
for some applesauce I was planning on making for Buck:
 Bennett had a blast peeling the apples.
Also, that is the coolest machine we have ever seen.
I want to hug the person that invented it:
(we all managed to stay in our pajamas until we got ready for church Sunday night, and it was glorious)
Oh and to add to our awesomely lazy day, we had a family nap: 
 After naptime Buck realized that his brother is a weirdo:
(this might be my most favorite picture ever)

I wish every weekend could be like this.

Happy Tuesday Friends!
Last weekend was so relaxing and exactly what we needed.
We had some seriously beautiful weather at the end of the week so we spent lots of time outside.

We went to the park:
We stopped to play cars on our way home: 
 I spent some time doing a bit of yardwork. 
Last year we didn't pull anything out before the gross weather hit, and our yard looked extra dumpy until spring.
We're definitely learning how to be homeowners as we go.

Anyways, B picked me a flower while I was working and of course I had to make him pose for a picture:
(sometimes he likes to be weird and wear his sock container on his head)
By Friday evening we had torrential downpours.
We kind of loved it, and spent date night by the fire at Native Foods Cafe.
I got the native nachos (still dreaming about them) and Chris got the tacos:
We sat there for quite a while taking full advantage of the fire and 
free refills of watermelon mint agua fresca:
We pretty much stayed inside all weekend and it actually kind of nice.
Buck went in the exersaucer for the first time and throughly enjoyed himself:
(yes, I'm aware that it's a hideous, giant piece of plastic, but sometimes you just need to contain your kids in order to get a shower or cook dinner!)

Buck got all bundled up for a run in the stroller: 
As I was taking that picture of Buck, I was reminded that I took a similar one of bennett in the same cozy suit when he was around 4 months:
(think they are brothers much?!)
 Chris built B a couch fort while Buck played with toys:
 We went to Rejuvination and saw this beauty of a fireplace:
 and I pulled out my first scarf!:
This weekend should be much of the same.
I'd like to make it to the pumpkin patch eventually but the rain is putting a damper on things.
(pun fully intended)

Happy Thursday Friends!
One of my favorite things is finding a new recipe that we all love and is healthy. A meal that meets that criteria immediately gets put into our regular dinner rotation. Now that it's cooler out, I'm not afraid to turn on the stove/oven so I've been cooking a lot more comfort food (and who doesn't like comfort food?!)
Also, it's been forever since I've shared my recent favorite recipes!

Here are a few meals I think your should try out asap:

Roasted Zucchini, Black Bean and Goat Cheese Enchiladas
recipe and picture via a sprouted kitchen

I have been making a creamy chicken enchilada for forever, but wanted to find a healthier alternative.
I tried these ones out (with the TJ's enchilada sauce) and they were so good that Chris said he didn't even miss the old ones (his all-time favorite meal) and now wants me to make these every week!

Cashew Pesto Pizza
recipe an picture via hespeaksinthesilence

We love pesto and homemade pizza, so a while back I tried out this recipe (that just so happens to be my friend Elizabeth's own recipe) which uses cashews instead of the traditional pine nuts for the pesto 'sauce'.
The cashews give the pesto so much flavor, I will never use pine nuts again! 

Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas
recipe and picture via Real Mom Kitchen

If we've had you over in the last couple of months, chances are this is what I made. I have turned on the oven on hot summer days in order to make these fajitas and it is SO worth it! I add strips of zucchini because I am obsessed with it and must add it to everything. 
Top with avocado, greek yogurt and a squeeze of lime.

Peperonata Sandwich
recipe and picture via Whole Living

I made these for the first time a couple of days ago. 
Super tasty. 
Sandwiches definitely don't need meat to taste good!
(especially when there's crusty bread)

Black Bean, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chili
recipe and picture via The Kitchn

This chili on top of TJ's cornbread mix on a cold day is dangerously good.

Black Bean and Veggie Baked Potatoes
recipe and picture via My Recipes

Baked potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. 
These are really tasty, while still being nutritious.

Pan Seared Honey-Glazed Salmon with Browned Butter Lime Sauce
picture and recipe via Cooking Classy

Everyone needs to try this recipe. 
There are a lot of steps in the prep but it comes together quicky and easily. 
Probably the best salmon I've ever had!
(I know that butter sauce isn't the healthiest but you only need a tiny bit to get the full effect)

I haven't tried these next two recipes but they are on the menu next and they sound so good!

Double Bean Burgers with Avocado Basil Cream Sauce
picture and recipe via How Sweet Eats

Sweet Potato Burgers
picture and recipe via How Sweet Eats

Also, I made veggie sloppy joes lastnight and was reminded of why they are one of our favorite meals!

Okay that's it for now.
Do you guys have a favorite recipe you can wait to heat the house up with?

Last weekend we stayed at a beach house with my family in Oceanside on the Oregon coast. I had never even heard of Oceanside...but it's pretty much considered Tillamook.

Bennett is really into letters and sounds right now, so the whole way there he would think of a word and ask us what letter it starts with. That dude is one smart cookie and he helped the 2 hour drive seem like 20 minutes.

My brother got to the house not too long after us.
He got this VW bus a couple months ago but it was our first time seeing it.
How awesome is this:
 The house had a LoveSac and it was so comfy.
Buckley agreed:
(I wish I had one of these when I was pregnant, it would have been perfect for sleeping.)
 We played on the beach:
 B looks so annoyed that I was trying to get a picture of him:
 Pure joy running out to the water:
 I love this picture: 
 I love his flippy hair:
 The water was SO cold:
 My Niece Hagan:
 Once we got home we ate dinner and I was coerced into eating an oyster.
My sister said they were so good with garlic butter on them so I figured YOLO (that's what the kids are saying these days right?) and tried to swallow it down. 
It got about halfway into my mouth when I (naturally) tried to bite it which was a huge mistake. 
Nastiest thing ever. I will never try an oyster again.
(There is a video of my attempt but I will not be posting it on this here blog)
 The view out our bedroom window:
 Buck and his uncle Ben:
 On our way out of town we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese (and ice cream) factory:
 Bennett with his cousins:

 Watching how they slice and package the cheese:
We got to try samples of cheese at the end of our tour and we of course had to get some ice cream.
 Bennett's face in this one kills me:
 Tillamook ice cream is so good:
Oh and Buck was just along for the ride:

Happy Wednesday Friends!

We are off to throughly enjoy one of the last sunny days before the rain hits!