In my review last week I posted that super sweet picture of Bennett and his best friend Avery at the library.
I took a couple of cute pictures of Buck too...
This is Buckley and Avery's little sister Rylee:
(These two were born on the same day in the same room. Crazy huh?!)
He attempted to scoot away from us on multiple occasions:
Friday night we had a family date night.
We grabbed a quick dinner at Chipolte then went and played/read in the kid's section at Powell's:
Saturday morning we hung out around the house.
The boys got cozy on the couch and I couldn't resist.
This is now my favorite picture:
Saturday night we hung out with my family.
This is during an amazing game of electronic Catchphrase:
Chris and I had a Sunday morning breakfast date.
We decided to try out Stepping Stone Cafe and we weren't disappointed.
Chris got a jalapeno omelet and I got banana nut bread french toast and we split a giant bowl of fruit:
Buck wore shoes for the first time.
He also found his nose for the first time too:
Looking cute in the car seat:
(Little did he know that this would be one of the last times with his beloved binky...we took it away on Monday because it was completely disrupting his sleep and he would wake up every time it fell out. He has slept through the night since we took it away- though it's a little tougher to get him to sleep initially.)
Passed out before church:
Bennett and his friend Hadley during a playdate on Wednesday:
(they were tearing up leaves and pretending to make a "salad for the birds")
Thursday night the boys face timed with the Carter girls:

Now we are off to a goodbye party for some friends.

Happy Weekend Friends!
Last week Bennett's room was featured on Fawn and Forest's blog (Buck's will be up soon) and I've been wanting to share their rooms here, so this was the perfect opportunity to take decent pictures. 
I love Bennett's room and could probably spend all day in there.
I hope he loves it just as much as I do!

The tent and table were both made by chris' dad and they are perfect for his room:
Yep, I stood on his bed to get this one:
Close-up of the table:
That cube lamp was spendy but has been so great:
This boy likes books:

That's it!
I'll share Buck's room once it's been featured.
Does anyone else feel like this week went by so quickly?!
We've had amazing weather and it's been so nice to have a break from the rain.

Over the weekend we built big towers and let Buck knock them over:
We ate lunch outside:
Chris sent me out of the house to do whatever I wanted while he watched the boys for a few hours.
I decided to grab a dark chocolate mocha at Moonstruck and headed to Target then H&M.
I found a of couple new things to wear, but now summer needs to get here so I can wear them!

The boys have been playing so well together lately.
Playtime in PJs on Monday:
I feel like Buck has grown so much in the last month, as you can see from his super tight PJs below:
(We had to go out and get him a bunch of new ones. Also, he likes to make 'farting' noises with his mouth.)
We went to the pet store to get cat food, but of course had to stop and see all of the animals:
Buckley started sleeping like this:
(LOVE it!)
We went to the zoo:
and finally visited the train at the World Forestry Museum across the parking lot:
We also went to the library twice this week.
Wednesday we checked out about 50 books.
  (B gets a new one every night to coax him to stay in bed. Does it work? For about 5 minutes.)
And this morning we met up with our friends at the library.
Bennett and Avery have been best friends since before they were born (I'm pretty sure).
As we were leaving the library Avery was sad that it was time to go, so B walked her out of the library holding her hand until we got to the parking lot then he gave her the biggest hug and a kiss. 
Who's kid is this?!
It's a good thing we like her parents ;)
Too stinkin' sweet:
And I finally got a video of Buckley scooting!
I never want to forget this stage, it's pretty adorable:

Happy Weekend Friends!
I've decided to re-title these posts "week in review" because that's pretty much what they are and I'm always posting them on Friday anyways, this will just save me a little guilt mmmkay?

Friday night was the women's night of prayer at church. This was my first year going, and frankly I was a little nervous we'd literally be praying all night long, and we did pray in our small groups (we also snacked all night and ate "breakfast" at 3am), but it mostly was about hearing women's stories, friends who I see all the time and don't really know anything about. It was awesome, and somehow I stayed awake the entire time (11:59pm-6am)! The catching up on sleep part wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either.

We've had a few really beautiful in Portland lately. We were able to actually play on the deck for the first time this year. It was lovely, except now I have a baby who tries to put every little leaf and piece of moss in his mouth. I think I need a carpet for my whole deck.
This week we made playdough monsters:
Buckley gave Rody some lovin:
Not sure where we were going, but he's so cute with his new haircut:
Yesterday I spent nap time on this:
I love chalkboard art, and ever since I saw these videos I've been facinated by the process of creating it.

We made banana cookies:
(healthy and only 4 ingredients!)

These cookies might sound weird but they are pretty tasty and I love that Bennett was able to help with everything.

  (this is what we used but you could really do anything you want. Check out other versions here and here.)
(makes 12)
2 bananas
1/3 cup chocolate chips
1/3 cup oats
7 graham crackers

Preheat oven to 350. In a bowl smash 2 ripe bananas (B was chief banana smasher).
In a food processor or a big ziploc bag, crush graham crackers until you get small crumbs.
Pour graham cracker crumbs into the banana bowl, and also the oats and chocolate chips.

On a silpat (or parchment) lined cookie sheet, scoop out dough and flatten a bit (they don't spread while baking). Cook for 13-15 minutes. Let rest for 10 minutes before transfering. We have been storing them in the freezer so I'm not sure how they keep at room temp, but they are quite tasty cold! 
Oh and Bennett totally thinks these are legit cookies.

Happy Friday Friends!

It feels like this week has been long and incredibly short at the same time.
Either way, it's almost the weekend!

and this is what we did last weekend...

Buckley practiced his crawling skills:
(really just scooting across the rug on his belly. He knows the hiney-scoot is where it's at.)
I started purposefully putting him to bed on his belly.
 I think he likes it and he's darn cute:
Friday night Chris and I wandered around Anthropologie after getting coffee:
Then got dinner at Broder:
(we always get aebleskivers for an appetizer)
Chris got the special which was salmon, creamed spinach and polenta and I got the open-faced sandwich trio (shrimp salad, roasted beats/goat cheese, and lox) with au gratin potatoes.
Everything was amazing as always:
Saturday morning we teamed up and made panackes with carmelized bananas and coffee:
and Bennett watched a show upside down:
(such a boy)
Sunday Buck and I went to Target alone:
(Shopping is so much fun with out a 3 year old...and Buck agrees!)
and Sunday evening we met up with friends at TCBY.
Bennett, the ladies man:

Happy Friday Friends!