Bennett is back to his old self, but today Chris stayed home sick from work. Lame.

While Bennett took a 3 hour power nap, I was able to finally figure out how to make california rolls. I had all the stuff for them, then we became a bunch of sickies so it kept getting put off. 

It was easier than I'd imagined and it's not really that hard, there are just a lot of steps. 

The results were definitely worth it though. 

I put in cucumber, avocado, crab and cream cheese. 
In an hour and a half I cranked out 3 rolls with 9 pieces in each roll. 
I'm guessing it will go quicker next time now that I know what I'm doing.

We had our own little dim sum for lunch including bbq pork, satsuma potato croquettes and our california rolls. I also had bought some hum bao but we were too excited to eat them, and they didn't make it past dinner lastnight. Oops!

I think next time I make sushi I will do a tutorial to show you how easy it actually is. 

I would have made them sooner if I would have known!

Also, after lots of answered prayer, we are at the start of something very exciting!
We had a packed weekend and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

Saturday we went to my brother's house to help get it ready to put it on the market. It's such a cute little house, I wish we could buy it from him!

Among other things, I took some pictures around the house so we'd have some artwork to frame when we stage it. 

I will post more later this week, but here is one of my favorites:

Bennett (aka city boy) got to play in the dirt and roll in the grass.
 He totally loved it!

Sunday, Bennett woke up and found his Easter basket:

and played with the goodies for a bit:

In the afternoon we went out to my aunt's house out in the country on the way up to Mt. Hood.
Bennett was barking at the elk head in the living room.
Apparently he thought it was a dog.

 Then we had a big egg hunt in their yard with all of his cousins:
(and he actually knew what to do this year!)

Stealing from a cousin doesn't really count does it?

he got to pet the chicken:
(and we got to take home her very fresh/organic/free range eggs!)
(he barked at the chicken)

and pet the bunny too:
(he meowed at the bunny)

and then he was pooped:

Yesterday (monday) morning he woke up puking and continued to do so at random times throughout the  day (including while we were at the grocery store). That was fun. Not. 
The poor little guy has barely eaten or had anything to drink since then. 
I called the nurse and once he wakes up from his nap I have to 
syringe-feed him 1 tbs. of liquid every 5-6 mins. 
I hope this works.
Pray that he starts drinking so it doesn't get worse!
If that meant we could live in this house...

How is it even possible that this is still on the market for $249, 000?!

I'm filling in the blanks with Lauren today!

1.   My favorite daily responsibility is,       Walking into Bennett's room after he wakes up (getting your kids up is a responsibility right?). He is always so excited and happy to see me! First he likes to play peekaboo behind his blanket then after I open the blinds he loves to jump on the bed while watching the traffic outside. My favorite part of the day!

2.  My least favorite daily responsibility is,    Cleaning the food off of my dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. If I'm being lazy I just let them soak for a bit. At least I have a dishwasher I guess...2 years in college without was more than enough!   

3.  My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is    this is a hard one...mexican holds a special place in my stomach but I also love thai and french fries and bread!  

4.  My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is     umm mexican is an old standby (I make a mean chicken enchilada) but I also LOVE finding new favorite vegetarian meals. Let me know if you have any good ones! 

5.  Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is     Umm being Bennett's mom? People stop me constantly when we are out because they think he's so cute and they want to talk to him. This probably happens to everyone with a baby though. The other day in Safeway there was a real creeper of a girl who kept making it a point to walk by and wave to him. Annoying. Is that really a claim to fame? I wish I had a real answer for this! 

6.  If I could have 3 wishes I would wish      that we would own an amazing midcentury house filled with all the appropriate furniture. A vacation home in Hawaii. and that all of our kids would grow up to love Jesus and follow Him every day of their lives! 

7.  My biggest pet peeve is       People walking slowly in front of me (especially when they are taking up the whole sidewalk)  

Question... does anyone use Photoshop? I want to do more than Picnik  and Picasa will let me know, the fun stuff, not just editing pictures. I'm planning on downloading the free 30 day trial but which version would you recommend? I don't want to get frustrated and never look at it again but I do want to learn some new, cool stuff! Any tips?

Also, have you joined Pintrest yet? If you haven't, follow me here and prepare to get addicted! I'm working on getting a button up for it! 

Have a good weekend!
We got the chairs, and Bennett loves them...

But now the question is, should we build a table or try to find one 
that may not be exactly what we want?
 The latter may be cheaper, but would it last?

While I was searching online for ideas for midcentury kids tables I came across these shots of amazing kids rooms, belonging to famous designers, captured by Maynard Parker back in the 40's and 50's. I love finding old pictures of people's houses, not only for inspiration, but just seeing how they lived in general.

I'm sure Bennett would love to move right in to any of these!
Check out the original post here, and more of Maynard Parker's digitalized archives here.

Calvin Bain residence:

Cliff May (!) residence:

Harold Prince Jr. residence:
(in Frank Lloyd Wright's lone built skyscraper!)

Alexander Girard residence:

Liljestrand residence:

Robert and Virginia Stanton residence :

Aren't those amazing? 
I'm still not sure what exactly I want to do for his table, 
but I want it to be as simple as possible and not $3653.
We didn't really do much this weekend.
Chris had a giant certification test on Friday, which he felt pretty good about (yay) but won't find out if he passed for at least 8 weeks (boo). 

He was pretty worn out so we decided to take it easy this weekend.

we went on walks when the weather was nice:
(Jess if you're reading this, he loves the little caterpillar!)

saw some awesome tape art on a window up at PSU: 

brought out the old Fisher Price barn:
(I think B opened/shut the mooing door for 30 minutes straight)

had a case of the fuzzies:
(it was later tamed)

Saturday morning, Lauren and I went to a women's event at 
church and met some amazing ladies and had a tasty brunch.

While I was gone, Chris and Bennett had a dance party:
Untitled from Becca Hardesty on Vimeo.

Chris and I made cocoa banana bran muffins Sunday morning. 

They are amazing, healthy(ish) and SO good warm:
(he also made a delicious coconut chai for me and a vanilla latte for him)

Sunday evening we hung out with some of chris' family that was visiting from out of town.

Tonight we are going to pick up two of these(!):
via craigslist

I really want Bennett to have a little table of his own that he can play/eat at.
I knew I wanted some sweet vintage school chairs for him and I finally found the perfect ones!
Now we just have to find a table to fit them.

Happy Monday!
Call me boring, but ever since I spotted these at Canoe I have dreamt (is that how you would spell that? it looks weird) about the simplicity and straight lines of these dishes and cups

We currently have these and these and these with a bunch of these thrown in. 
Though I love my current dishes, and would feel guilty buying something else (what would I do with the old stuff?) I kind of want white everything white now.

Get into my cupboard! 

And because this post lacks color entirely (and because I think he's super cute in his shorts/cowboy boots) here are some pictures of Bennett helping me do some shopping...

What's in your cupboards?

PS: I made my granola with chopped up dried white peaches from TJs and it's sooo good.
 I will never put raisins in it again!
On Friday, Chris turned the big 27.
We spent all weekend celebrating!
(calories don't count on birthday weekends)

Opening up his presents:
(a coffee grinder)
and espresso machine:
With the help of Lauren's hubby Craig, Chris is learning the fine art of 
home coffee roasting/espresso making. 

The first batch of Chris' beans!:
After presents we went out to breakfast to an awesome little 
hipster-run Swedish restauraunt called Broder. Don't let the hipster fool's amazing.

sidenote: as we were getting out of our car I spotted this gem of a house. 
Trans Am in the driveway and toilet on the lawn. 
Keepin it classy Portland.

And here are my boys, excited for a tasty birthday breakfast:
Anyways, back to Broder...
the decor is pretty much what I want my house to look like:
and the sweet light fixture:
and the shelves with random, cute things... 
It feels like a house and I could stay all day long.
On to the food...
 solstice bord. aebleskivers. lefsa with baked eggs. amazing.
For birthday dinner we grabbed Lucy's with ten of our friends:
Eight of us ended up wearing green army jackets.
Green army jackets are where it's at.
After burgers we went to Ruby Jewel for some ice cream. 
Always amazing.
Saturday morning we went to the Portland Farmer's Market with Chris' family to celebrate.
I didn't get a picture of my Pine State biscuits and gravy with an egg on top because it was freezing and started pouring on us and I just wanted to eat it.

After breakfast, we walked around and grabbed a chocolate panini roll and a macaron from Pearl Bakery.  Then we rolled home.
Actually, Bennett jumped in his first puddle and loved every minute of it.
Then we rolled home.
Sunday morning, the Hartmanns  came over for waffles and Craig helped Chris figure out how to use his new toys. He made us all drinks and put Starbucks to shame on his first try. Watch out Stumptown!
the first taste:
Oh and my new custom earrings arrived from Upper Metal Class. 
Love them!