We just spent four amazing days at Olivia Beach with my family. Though I love it dearly, it's nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland.

This is our second time renting a house in OB during early fall and the weather never disappoints...half of the days were sunny and half were a little chilly with misty, coastal rain.

On the sunny days we played at the beach, rode bikes, sat on the porch in the warm sun, played in the park and went in the hot tub and had campfires at night.
On the rainy days, we watched movies, played air hockey and pool (Chris taught me and I lost. Big time), went shopping at the outlets, played Catchphrase and just plain relaxed.

Oh Olivia Beach, how I miss you already.

Bennett loved it too, he got to play a lot and loved being around his cousins.

"Bennett Tabor" means blessed drummer.
I will not be surprised if he becomes a drummer, he loves it:

Almost ready to walk by himself:

So excited that he conqured the stairs on his very first try:
Walking to the beach:
Olivia Beach is so pretty, it reminds me of a movie set:
The stairs down to the beach:
Totally reminds me of MC Escher:

Bennett loves riding on Chris's back, he almost falls asleep every time:
Walking around the amazing tidepools:

Our niece and nephew:

Giant starfish and sea anemones:
The starfish kind of reminds me of brains:

Our cute little house:

Little Bubs:

Roasted starbursts=amazing.
2nd degree burns from keeping a roasted starburst from falling on the ground=not so amazing
The fam minus my bro (who left early), the rest of my nephew (can you see the top of his head?) and my mom (who was taking the picture):
Our happy little family:

Until next year...
Beach bums

While we were camping at Fort Stevens, we were lucky enough to spend almost the whole day at the beach. We followed the paved path all the way from our campsite to the Pacific Ocean.
This was Bennett's first time feeling the sand between his toes, and he loved it!

On the path through the forest:
We made it!:
Bennett and I in front of the wreck of the Peter Iredale:
(this ship ran aground in 1906)
tasting the sand:
being silly:

getting ready to watch the sunset:

I love this picture:

so pretty:
Oregon beaches are completely different than California beaches and I love both, but there is something so amazing about the Oregon Coast. I think the Lord spent a little extra time creating something special for us in the Pacific Northwest...if you have never been to the Oregon Coast, it's definately a must!

Thank you Benadryl

You know that story your parents love to tell about the time when you were a baby and they couldn't get you to sleep, so they drove you around town in the middle of the night until you fell asleep?

Yeah that was us Saturday night.

As soon as I put Bennett into bed, he started screaming and crying and standing holding onto the side of his crib then freaking out because he hasn't figured out how to get back down and it's scary to let go. I would go back into his room, lay him down and cover him up only to start the cycle over again. He wasn't hungry because we tried giving him a bottle three different times, he only ate a little bit then pushed it away.

I was in tears and felt bad for Chris because he had to be up at 5:45 since he was playing all four of the services at church the next day.

Finally at 3:45 am Chris brings out the carseat and said "we are going for a ride."
We grabbed the ipod so we could listen to the white noise Bennett usually falls asleep to.
We then hopped on the elevator, drove out of the winding parking garage and found our way to I-405 and I-5, over the Marquam Bridge and then over the Fremont bridge then back down onto 405 through downtown.

Success. He had finally fallen asleep. We decided to make another lap just in case. Portland really is beautiful at night. Downtown looks so peaceful from the other side of the river.

After the second lap, we drove home. The elevators are quick at this time of night...er morning.
We debate on if we should risk waking him up by taking him out of the carseat.
It's not worh it.
So we put the carseat into the crib with him in it.
4:15 finally bed time.
At least we got a few hours of sleep.

For the last two nights, he has fought going to bed.
Since he isn't feeling well, the doc said we can give him a tiny bit of Benadryl, which has helped him sleep through the night.

Thank you Benadryl.

We were camping on the amazing Oregon Coast for the past few days.
Instead of going the tent route, we opted for a yurt which is pretty much a mini round cabin (with heat and electricity and furniture to sleep/sit on) on a campsite. We stayed at Fort Stevens State Park which is in the northwestern most part of Oregon, right on the coast.

I love tent camping, but put a baby in the mix and it didn't sound like a good time. In the yurt, Bennett had his own space to sleep in his playard and I was greatful to have some type of sound barrier since he wasn't feeling well and woke up cyring a lot in the middle of the night.

I loved the yurt and I think it will be hard to ever go back to a tent!

his highchair worked perfectly on the picnic table...

the infamous raccoon family made their rounds day and night in search of tasty treats...
(we heard they have been there for years and are super tame, they were about ten feet from us and not scared at all)
Well hello autumn...

I love everything about fall and September is definitely my favorite month.
I especially love Pumpkin Spice Lattes not just because they are super tasty but (because they are seasonal and usually come out around Labor Day weekend) when I am taking those first glorious sips, I am reminded of what I was doing the past few years when I got my first PSL...usually it's camping but last year I was in the hospital and Bennett had been born hours before. Ok enough with the cheeseball-ness.

Anyways I really like them but realized that I like them even more with soy milk, although I don't really like the pricetag with soy!

I found a recipe for making pumpkin spice lattes at home. It's probably not exactly like you would get at Starbucks but it will at least taste similar and save a little cash which doesn't hurt.
I haven't tried it but I'm thinking I will soon. If anyone tries it let me know how it is!

Another reason I love fall is that my birthday is in mid September and I usually get to buy a few new things with my birthday money...just in time for all the cute and cozy clothes!

These are a few things I've been eyeing lately:

Gap legging jeans:

an alphabet & number stamp set:
(for cute cards and gift tags)

a cowl scarf:
(this one is cute but spendy)

(this is a little more reasonable)

this tunic:
(to wear with leggings and boots)

this hoodie:
(which is a little more fashionable than the usual ones)

this cute wrap:
(with skinny jeans and boots)

this super cute coat:
( I have a thing for funnel-necks)

these shoes:
(I don't think I would ever buy these but I just like to look at them)

these oxfords:
(at the top of my list and they also come with laces if you want)

a cute beanie:

What are you eyeing this fall?