So Sunday night right before we went to bed, I decided to check out the Seattle Craigslist postings. 
I figured since it's a bigger city that we wouldn't have as hard of a time finding a table we liked that didn't cost an arm and a leg. 

That is when I stumbled upon this beauty:

Herman in Olympia (about 2 hours north of Portland) had this amazing teak, 
Danish table and was selling it for $75! 
We could do that! 

We could tell from the pictures that it had quite a few scratches, but with the help of this we could totally get it close to it's lovely original condition. Plus, even adding in the cost of gas, the table would be a complete steal...similar ones we had seen were going for (at the very least) $300.

After freaking out a little bit, we emailed him to see if it was still available
(how could it be since the post had already been up for a week) 
and went to bed. 

Yesterday (Monday) afternoon, Herman called and said the first person to respond never showed up so it was ours if we wanted it!

oh and he also had a coffee table we might like as well...
Umm yes and yes. 

Luckily Chris didn't have much going on at work so he was able to take off after lunch for a spontaneous road trip in our trusty little Element. We dropped B off at Chris' parent's house since his mom has Mondays off and we were on our way to get our tables!

They are now residing in Chris' parents garage until we close on the house July 18th.

Now we need to figure out what chairs to get, then we can entertain once again! 

On a random note, I came across this lately and had to share.
Chris and I were craking up reading it, because it's totally true.

This weekend was actually one of the first full weekends we have had 
without any rain so it finally felt like summer!

We celebrated accordingly...

Friday night we met up with some friends for dinner.
Afterwards, Chris and I decided to grab some ice cream at Ruby Jewel Scoops.
Chris got espresso and I got mint oreo. 
Ruby Jewel never disappoints.
Saturday before naptime and church, B got to play in the fountain at the park down the street.
He loved it.
 This weekend we also started looking for furniture for the new house.
Right now we own a couch, our bed, Bennett's nursery furniture and a few chairs. 

We have been watching Craigslist and visiting vintage shops looking mostly for a dining room table and chairs and a new couch. 

We found this place over the weekend and it has a bunch of amazing furniture we would love to take home in a heartbeat. 
 Their warehouse shelves were filled with some amazing pieces and it was kind of weird/sad to see all of this iconic furniture just sitting next to eachother, collecting dust while nobody gets to enjoy them.

I'll take the chair with the blue cushion on the left please!
We did however find these cute little end tables (and a funky clock) at a vintage shop.
Bennett immediately claimed them as a parking lot for his cars:

 Saturday after church we walked up and grabbed some rice pudding topped with tart frozen yogurt at Pudding on the Rice (which might have secretly been our dinner).
 When it's warm out that's allowed right?
 Chris is the breakfast guy around here, which is a good thing. 
Breakfast foods aren't my forte, even though they are my favorite to eat. 
He made us buttermilk pancakes with carmelized bananas on top and lattes to accompany them.
How lucky am I?!
 On sunday, Bennett's friend Max turned one.
B had tons of fun at the party. 
He especially loved the ballpit and the giant balloons!
(I loved his static-y hair)
 B also enjoyed exploring their backyard.
I can't wait until he has one of his own to explore!
Happy Monday!
While we were at Home Depot checking out paint for the new house, 
I couldn't resist grabbing a buttload of brightly colored paint chips for all the great ideas I've seen floating around on Pinterest

I most definitely will be wrapping presents with them and I'm pretty sure I'll make a cute garland or two for friend's babies' nurserys.

Which ones would you do?

flashcards for learning words and sounds:

I don't ktnow if I'd put this art up in my house, but I can't stop staring at it:

party utensil holder:

business card holder:

(better yet, I would actually leave the squares blank and put it behind glass in a frame 
so it's more like a white board and you would only need to make one!)

adorable little garland:

(another use for my circle punch!)


love this geometric art idea:

mosaic mural:

egg garland for Easter:

Have you seen any great ideas that I missed?
I ordered something this weekend that I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of today...
You probably think I'm a total dork (and I'm okay with it) but living in 700 square feet, we don't exactly have space to buy (and store) things in bulk...and I LOVE to stockpile things we always need. 
(there is nothing worse than getting to the end of the roll of toilet paper, only to remember it was THE last roll!)
The new house has a ton of storage and I got the green light to slowly start building up our stockpile of necessities!
I found an awesome deal on my favorite soap at none other than So I ordered 3 refill packs (which you can't find in the stores) of the only scent I ever use, Basil (have you smelled it?!).
I won't think it's weird if you bring a Costco-sized pack of toilet paper as a house warming gift, I will love you all the more!
Don't judge...I know I'm crazy.

Anyways, onto the weekend...

B loves stickers and the checker at Trader Joes gave him a bunch of stickers, all of which he proceded to put on his shirt at once. He was so proud of himself!
(check out the bruises on his shoes + trying to perfect running = not a good idea.)
For date night friday, Chris and I went to Laurelhurst Market.
It was our first time (we had to put our 'meat pants' on) and it was amazing!
Here is me in my new dress:
(that you can only see the top of)
and I ordered the burger. 
It was simply amazing.
Seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had.
and here is the handsome hubby:
Neither of us are steak eaters, but he ordered the Steak Frites since Lauren raved about them.
She was right, they were amazing! 
We are one of those annoying couples who trades meals halfway.
Best of both worlds.
Saturday morning B and I took Chris out for an early Father's Day breakfast at Tasty 'n Sons.
It was super good, as always.

After breakfast we went to Andy and Bax which is a quirky little army surplus store.
It was kind of funny seeing all of the weird things they had, and Bennett loved trying on the hats: 
On Sunday, we went over to Chris' parent's house to celebrate Father's day.
They just got two adorable kittens, Dixie and Bert. 
B loved to chase them when they weren't sleeping.
I wish all animals could stay cute and small!

Happy first day of summer!
Over the weekend, we rented a house with The Hartmann's at Olivia Beach.
It was a long-awaited and much needed break.
 (we hadn't even been away for as much as a day since last September, 
when we spent 4 days at Olivia Beach.)  

The weather was great the first day and a half.
We played bocci ball and went to the tidepools.
The guys went to a movie while the girls (plus B) went shopping at the outlet mall.
We also had an awesome campfire where we roasted smores and starbursts.

The 2nd day and a half were pretty rainy.
Craig was excited to go surfing and we really wanted Bennett to play with his shiny new sand toys at least we embraced our inner Oregonian and went to the beach when it was raining.
(though we might have been regretting spending part of the previous sunny day inside!) 

B playing on the front porch:

Bennett loves Craig and Lauren!

hangin out:

I love it when Bennett puts his hat on by himself...
He wears it around like this too!

our house was the one on the right:

a little bocci ball:

my boys at the tidepools:

I also love it when B puts his hand in his pocket:

family photo:

headed home:

so excited to play:

rainy beach day:

ready for a warm bath:

This probably won't be our last time to OB this year.
We love it there!

On another note, Chris passed his very important, gigantic and scary engineering test.
He's legit now!

Also, we are two sets of paperwork away from calling this our living room!
(we close July 18th)
Kind of a random post
but fun nonetheless.

Last time I was at Trader Joe's I picked up this:
it's pretty much amazing.
(only to be made better by keeping it in the fridge so when you take a bite, the chocolate crunches!) 

We are going to the beach this weekend, so we decided Bennett
needed some flops. We found some baby Havianas at Zappos, but weren't sure what size to order so we ordered two sizes, knowing that they have free shipping both ways (yay!).
We ordered one pair on Saturday and one pair on Sunday. On Monday I got an email saying both orders were upgraded to next-day air(I think they might do this with every order though)!
The flops arrived Tuesday afternoon and the return of the pair that didn't fit couldn't have been easier.
Can I just say how awesome Zappos is and I will totally be buying more shoes from them!
His feet are pretty wide (and fat) but thanks to the strap in the back they stay on pretty well.
He likes to take them off (and acts like it was an accident) so we still need to practice walking around in them.

Also, Lauren posted her pretty picture from Elle's Global Street Style yesterday.
 I have one too!
(I'm #703 in the Portland section)
I wasn't planning on posting it.  I'm not sure why but I always feel really awkward when I get my picture taken, but I just wanted to post it to prove how amazing Lisa Warninger is. I'm awkward and certainly not the most stylish person I know BY FAR (I don't own anything vintage. gasp!)
I'm just dorky me and Lisa made me look non-awkward! 

Oh and last night we went to our friend's baby gender reveal party.
It was super cute.
Apparently all the cool kids are throwing them these days.
We found out at the same time they did, by biting into cupcakes to see if our filling was pink or blue.
It was BLUE!
Congrats Marvins!

I'm off to start packing for the beach...
Happy Weekend!