Have you guys heard of Foldable Me yet?!
(the same company that makes Sticky Grams)

Well we made some foldables of ourselves, and everyone that comes over wants to know where we got them so I wanted to share!
Cute huh?:
The process is pretty fun, and it's kind of similar to making a Mii on a Wii.
Figuring out what features look like mine:
It ships for free all the way from the UK, so it takes a while to get but it was worth the wait!
Everything comes flat on a sheet of cardstock:
Then we got to folding:

Kind of fun huh?
I wish you could make kids, then we could have one of each of us
and it would be like a 3-D family picture!

make kids next!

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  1. Kira on November 16, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    They definitely should do kids! The folding process does look pretty fun too.


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