Last weekend we stayed at a beach house with my family in Oceanside on the Oregon coast. I had never even heard of Oceanside...but it's pretty much considered Tillamook.

Bennett is really into letters and sounds right now, so the whole way there he would think of a word and ask us what letter it starts with. That dude is one smart cookie and he helped the 2 hour drive seem like 20 minutes.

My brother got to the house not too long after us.
He got this VW bus a couple months ago but it was our first time seeing it.
How awesome is this:
 The house had a LoveSac and it was so comfy.
Buckley agreed:
(I wish I had one of these when I was pregnant, it would have been perfect for sleeping.)
 We played on the beach:
 B looks so annoyed that I was trying to get a picture of him:
 Pure joy running out to the water:
 I love this picture: 
 I love his flippy hair:
 The water was SO cold:
 My Niece Hagan:
 Once we got home we ate dinner and I was coerced into eating an oyster.
My sister said they were so good with garlic butter on them so I figured YOLO (that's what the kids are saying these days right?) and tried to swallow it down. 
It got about halfway into my mouth when I (naturally) tried to bite it which was a huge mistake. 
Nastiest thing ever. I will never try an oyster again.
(There is a video of my attempt but I will not be posting it on this here blog)
 The view out our bedroom window:
 Buck and his uncle Ben:
 On our way out of town we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese (and ice cream) factory:
 Bennett with his cousins:

 Watching how they slice and package the cheese:
We got to try samples of cheese at the end of our tour and we of course had to get some ice cream.
 Bennett's face in this one kills me:
 Tillamook ice cream is so good:
Oh and Buck was just along for the ride:

Happy Wednesday Friends!

We are off to throughly enjoy one of the last sunny days before the rain hits!


  1. Molly on October 10, 2012 at 5:45 PM

    What a fun weekend! The pictures of the beach remind me of "The Goonies."

  2. Kira on October 10, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    Haha, I really want to see your oyster eating video.


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