Last weekend was so relaxing and exactly what we needed.
We had some seriously beautiful weather at the end of the week so we spent lots of time outside.

We went to the park:
We stopped to play cars on our way home: 
 I spent some time doing a bit of yardwork. 
Last year we didn't pull anything out before the gross weather hit, and our yard looked extra dumpy until spring.
We're definitely learning how to be homeowners as we go.

Anyways, B picked me a flower while I was working and of course I had to make him pose for a picture:
(sometimes he likes to be weird and wear his sock container on his head)
By Friday evening we had torrential downpours.
We kind of loved it, and spent date night by the fire at Native Foods Cafe.
I got the native nachos (still dreaming about them) and Chris got the tacos:
We sat there for quite a while taking full advantage of the fire and 
free refills of watermelon mint agua fresca:
We pretty much stayed inside all weekend and it actually kind of nice.
Buck went in the exersaucer for the first time and throughly enjoyed himself:
(yes, I'm aware that it's a hideous, giant piece of plastic, but sometimes you just need to contain your kids in order to get a shower or cook dinner!)

Buck got all bundled up for a run in the stroller: 
As I was taking that picture of Buck, I was reminded that I took a similar one of bennett in the same cozy suit when he was around 4 months:
(think they are brothers much?!)
 Chris built B a couch fort while Buck played with toys:
 We went to Rejuvination and saw this beauty of a fireplace:
 and I pulled out my first scarf!:
This weekend should be much of the same.
I'd like to make it to the pumpkin patch eventually but the rain is putting a damper on things.
(pun fully intended)

Happy Thursday Friends!

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  1. Nicole on October 18, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    Oh my word! Ok first, that cozy suit is so cute! And second, it took me a minute to realize that the two side by side pics weren't both of Buck! That is crazy, if they weren't a couple years apart I'd swear they were twins!!


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