Weekend In Review

This was my first Mother's Day weekend as a momma.
I had lots of fun and we certainly packed it full!

Chris only worked part of the day Friday so we could
hang out and celebrate with our little family.

Remember when I had cupcakes on the brain? Well, we went to Saint Cupcake, which recently remodeled their Eastside location and added the 'deluxe' (the cutest party supplies ever) to their shop. I will totally be going back in a few months to get some supplies for Bennett's 1st b-day!

Pretty much the cutest little shop ever.
The cupcakes are amazing.
They are celebrating their remodel with free mini-cupcakes!
Chris got a chocolate cupcake with hot fudge topping and I got a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with toasted coconut. AMAZING!
Saturday morning we celebrated Mother's Day with Chris' parents by taking them to the farmers market. We got them coffee and Pine State Biscuits. Unfortunately there were no macarons to be found. People must be catching onto their goodness.

After the farmers market, my friend Kira (yellow dress) and I drove down to Corvallis for my friend Sara's (next to me) baby shower. It was fun to see a few friends from college:
Sunday morning we celebrated with my family at my sister's house. We had a brunch and Chris had a pancake bar with made to order pancakes...mine had bananas and chocolate chips with Nutella on top.
The view from their deck is amazing.
My bro and Bennett chewing on a lid. Weirdos.
My lovely mom, Bennett and me.
We went on a walk after stuffing our faces and found this fun little creek that we waded in. The bridge going over it was super cute too.

I actually went in the super cold water!
Chris went thigh deep. He's crazy.
Bennett chilled on the bridge.
I guess I didn't take any pictures after this, but we went to church Sunday evening. Evan Wickham played worship, I love it when he comes up! After church we went to TCBY and I got my beloved white chocolate mousse for free since I'm a mom! I may or may not have started Bennett's addiction to wcm. It's the best (and he agrees)!

Oh yeah...stop by Sarah's blog to enter her giveaway!


  1. Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... on May 11, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    your weekend sounds lovely :).

    i totally recognize a couple of the girls in the baby shower photo from OSU. weird!

    i've never tried pine state biscuits, but always wanted to. they're always sold out by the time i get myself out of bed to go to the farmer's market! oh...and also...i adore white chocolate mousse from TCBY. it's right near my gym, so after late classes there in the summer i'll have fro-yo in lieu of dinner :).

  2. Becca on May 12, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    WCM for dinner right after a workout sounds great to me! You would probably be eating more calories if you had an actual dinner, so I'd say this is a great choice for maintaining your hot gym bod :)

  3. Kira on May 12, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    I think my eyes might be like half way open in that photo. Better than usual! I really want some St. Cupcakes now!


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