It was so cold over the weekend. 
It got down to 19 degrees one morning, and Chris went for a run in Forest Park Saturday morning while it was 27 degrees. He's crazy and I let him know that fact.

Even though there was frost on the ground Friday, we had to get out of the house for a bit so I took the boys up to one of the parks in our neighborhood. 
We didn't stay long, but they got a chance to ride in the airplane.
Buck's first ride:
and of course the swings:
(Bennett just wanted me to keep pushing and Buck thought swinging was pretty much the best thing ever.)
Either Chris wore the same thing all weekend, or we didn't do anything picture-worthy on Saturday.
I can't remember, but I think this was Sunday...Buck started rolling up onto his feet to reach things.
He really, really wanted that monkey:
Horrible picture but I love how intense his face looks:
Sunday morning we went out on a spontaneous family date.
We went down to The Ace for our bi-annual photo booth trip.
(Scroll down if you must see our pictures righthissecond.)
We still had time left on our parking so we decided to walk up to Blue Star Donuts:
(supposedly donuts are the new macarons/cakepops/cupcakes)
Years ago Chris and I swore off donuts (not like we had them very often) and haven't had any since...until Sunday! I had heard about Blue Star and their crazy donuts (and how they are cooked in rice oil, are made from scratch and use mostly local, organic ingredients) and thought that maybe we should check it out. 
So we did:
Trying to decide what kind we want:

Bennett waiting patiently:
We got our donuts to go so we could eat them at home.
They were SO good:
(we got the almond with chocolate ganache and the horchata glazed donuts)

Sunday after nap the boys played at Chris' parents house while we had a belated date night. 
We saw Le Miserables and it was really good!

A pretty fun weekend, and I especialy love that Buck is getting to be more interactive and can actually experience these things with us instead of watching from the stroller/car seat. Oh and I must say that we have a fully potty trained little man! Bennett has been wearing pullups only at night for a couple of months and has been keeping them dry for the last month so we decided to take it away over the weekend and he is rocking it!

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Jeff and Lee on January 26, 2013 at 4:23 PM

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  2. Becks and Lee on January 26, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    I think the boys are crazy for going for a long run in Forest Park as well on such a cold morning! Now after reading this I am going to need to check Blue Star donuts out. They sound/look delicious! Love your fun photo booth photos! Yay, for Bennett and being fully potty trained. That is awesome!


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