Yep, I inadvertantly took a bit of a blogging break to hang out with family.
I kind of loved it.
Chris took more than a week off, and it was awesome having him home with us.
Unfortunately we all were sick at some point, and the boys are finally just getting over the bad colds they've had for two weeks.

Regardless of being sick, we had a great Christmas, and it was Buckley's first one!
 He loved to eat the tissue paper and had to taste everything he got.
Bennett "helped" everyone open their presents, but he really just opened them himself.
This is a complete picture overload so I'm really just going to post the pictures because it's pretty obvious what is going on...

An early Christmas with my family at my sister's house:
Stockings with cousins:




My mom's strata and French breakfast muffins:
(A tradition every Christmas. SO good but so bad.)
On Christmas Eve we celebrated with Chris' family.
We had brunch, the kids played and we opened gifts, though I didn't feel well and I didn't get any pictures unfortunately.

Later that night I was feeling better fortunately!
The boys got new pajamas to wear to bed and we attempted to get pictures of them in the new pjs in front of the tree. I've learned that it's next to impossible to get both boys looking in the same direction for pictures, let alone smiling.
We took SO many using both our DSLR and my phone though we still didn't get one of both of them looking and smiling.
(go figure.)

Here are a few:


Christmas morning at our house with all of the presents under the tree:
(We were so excited for the boys to wake up!)
I couldn't wait for Buck to get this little hedgehog guy:

Buck got stuffed animals, clothes and toys this year:
Bennett got a ton of puzzles, art supplies and a cd player (which he calls a record player) for his room:
(I also made the boys some hooded towels for after bath time.)
I made this for breakfast. It was good, but not amazing.
(Note to self: Next year don't search around for an exciting new recipe for Christmas morning. Make your tried and true crockpot casserole.)
After everyone napped, we headed out to my big extended family's Christmas get-together. We didn't stay too long, all of the celebrating had worn us out. We decided to grab Thai food on our way home  and we watched one of Bennett's new movies before bed. Even though we felt crummy, it was a good end to Christmas!
We took all of our decorations down on the 27th and our house is finally back to normal.
Chris went back to work today and while we miss having him around, it's nice to return to our normal routine again.
We're almost feeling back to normal, with just a couple of runny noses, but nothing I can't handle.
I really hope this sick-for-two-weeks-healthy-for-one pattern is coming to an end...I'm pretty sure at least one of us has been sick since Halloween!

Happy 2013 Friends!


  1. Kira on January 3, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    We are dealing with the same sickness stuff too. Since Pearl had her cast put on, at least one of us (and currently all of us) have been sick. I hope you guys are all feeling better by now!

  2. Pearl on January 8, 2013 at 2:05 PM

    I enjoy seeing your little bundle of jow growing up on instagram.
    Happy 2013!



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