This last weekend was pretty darn relaxing. 
Both boys were not sick for once, though Buck came down with a fever Sunday night and has been fighting it ever since. 
Poor guy can't catch a break!


Bennett really likes to look at pictures from when he was a baby.
He was showing Buckley pictures on Friday and told him "the pages are not for chewing":
Buck mastered getting his puffs from the tray and into his mouth:
Bennett spent a lot of time in the tent that his Papa made him:
Friday night for date night, Chris and I grabbed dinner at Native Foods Cafe and I got to do a little shopping at Anthropologie thanks to some giftcards! I didn't take any pictures but it was a fun night.

Saturday morning my mom came over and spent some time with the boys while Chris and I had a little extension of our date night...

We went to Ristretto and got our coffee in "for here" cups (kind of a big deal).
(That's Ben, he makes my mocha every Saturday morning. He's a good mocha-maker.) 
We got to walk around Schoolhouse Electric:
(That never happens with kids in tow)
We took a picture:
(I think it's becoming a tradition to take a picture in this mirror every time we go)
We got breakfast at Bob's Red Mill:
We stopped at the Pendleton Mill End Store to check out the scrap bins. Chris had never been there before so I wanted to show him how awesome it was. If you've never been there (or don't live in Portland) it's part retail store and part fabric store with bolts and bolts of Pendleton wool fabric. The best part (and probably the main reason people trek out to the store) is all of the by-the-pound bins. A truck delivers remnant pieces, selvage and blanket trimmings from the Pendleton mills each week and depending on what they have been making, you can find some pretty awesome stuff digging through those bins.
We ended up scoring a bunch of pretty big charcoal remnants that I'm going to make some pillows with, a huge piece of the coolest Pendleton fabric I've ever seen, and a strip of a sweet pattern that I want to use on a clutch or maybe a pillow. 
I'm so excited about our zig zag fabric, mostly because a woman was walking around with it in her hands and set it back down once she decided on something else...Chris saw her set it down and like a hawk was over there and grabbed it before I had even noticed he was gone.
It's the same weight as our Glacier National Park blanket, which we love. Score!
I'm planning to finish the edges to make it look a little more, well, finished.
Our blanket is bigger than a throw and is perfect for getting comfy on the couch with:
I was curious what Pendleton was using this fabric for since it was so different from anything I had ever seen, so I googled it. It looks like it was made for a bedding collection at Room & Board
Ok back to our weekend...
Saturday night we went over to our friends house for dinner.
Buck and Chris lookin cute:
Sunday morning Chris made breakfast.
Bennett finger painted.
  (Thanks for the paints and puzzle Tana!)
And we went to church in the evening.

Overall a pretty good weekend.

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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  1. Anonymous on January 9, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Ok, that fabric is soooo amaze! Obsessed.


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