Yes, I know it's Thursday and I haven't posted all week...
but that means you get a week in review with even more pictures!
(also, I've been more motivatied to nap and/or have a social life...not gonna lie.)

So this is what we have been up to this last week...

we said goodbye to our Christmas stuff:
I got humungo:
I painted my nails:
(I'm on a quest to be more girly with all the testosterone in this house!)
ate New Years Thai takeout:
 crazy New Years partying it up with sparkling cider, cookies and homemade stove-popped popcorn:
(dill pickle, white cheddar, and kettle corn flavors...dill pickle was the best and we aren't even popcorn fans!)
 Chris getting crazy with the organic pear sparkling cider:
 chris did a little demolition in the garage:
 Chris and his dad made B this pup tent:
 had fun thrifting with the lovely Abi:
 enjoyed the amazing weather by blowing bubbles in our great back yard:
(B saw the sunset before I did. He stopped, pointed and said "pink in the sky." Such a sweet boy.)
 had fun getting books at Bennett's wonderland aka the library:

 last night we had a mid-week date night that consisted of Koi Fusion for dinner and seeing The Descendants. Such a great movie!
A beef bulgogi rice bowl, a short rib burrito and sweet potato fries before the movie:
 and this morning we woke up to crockpot overnight steelcut oats:
(sooo much easier than letting it cook for 45 minutes when you are starving!) 
 after breakfast B and I went on an amazingly hilly walk with our friends Kaitlynn and Truman:
(I snapped this picture on one of the only flat parts. I'm positive I won't be able to move tomorrow.)
And there you have our week in review! Hopefully I'm feeling motivated to post more next week...I don't want to make this a habit because I know I'll never get out of it.

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. Laura Ann on January 5, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    I am so excited to try the crock pot steel cut oats! I hate cooking them. Brilliant!

  2. Nicole on January 5, 2012 at 7:45 PM

    You are so adorable Becca! Love your tights, nail polish, and cute bump!
    Also can't wait to try steelcut oats that way!

  3. Kira on January 6, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    I can't believe you are already half way there. It is going by so fast...well, for me anyway :)

    Also, Bennett's tent is fantastic. I love it.


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