Over the last few year, we have got into the habit of making our Christmas gifts instead of buying them. I don't know what exactly people want and I don't want to waste my money/time (or lack thereof) trying to figure it out.

But I really enjoy making things for people. 
I think putting more time/thought than money into a gift makes it special.

I also really enjoy the packaging part as well.
This year I bought some paper tags and ended up making my own intentical ones when I ran out. 
I stamped the names and tied on bakers twine.
The tags got tied to a string that was holding a branch onto the brown, paper-covered packages.
I also stamped a few packages all over to make a random pattern.
Easiest wrapping ever.
brown paper packages tied up with string:

Now onto the gifts...

For all of the guys, I try out special recipes I've been wating to attempt and then (after taste testing of course) I stuff bags full of the assorted yummy treats.

I only took one picture of said treats this year, and it just so happened to be a fave...
the TJ's Candy Cane Joe Joe bark. 
(See all of the yummy treats I made this year here.)
and packaging them up:

I love being crafty for the ladies' gifts. It's really the only time of year that I get to craft and I totally enjoy it...but am so ready for it to be over once I'm done.

This year I made...

a wreath for my sister:

a chalkboard board book for my one year old niece: 
necklace scarves for both moms and my sister in law:
I also used this to etch my mom's initals onto a casserole dish.
Hers always get sent home with other people after family gatherings, but not anymore!

I was hoping to be a little more original and give everyone a different gift, but I feel like Christmas kind of snuck up on me and I ended up making everything just days before Christmas! 
Hopefully next year I will know some sewing basics so I can be extra creative ahead of time, which will be helpful, especially with two little muchkins running around!

Did you guys do any DIYs this year?  


  1. kira on December 30, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    I ended up not doing any DIY gifts this year. Christmas definitely snuck up on me this year as well. But, I did make our stockings so I feel like I accomplished something :) Next year I will hopefully be more on top of things.
    I love that wreath, it's so pretty!

  2. Nicole on December 30, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    I'm dying to try that TJ's Joe Joe Bark! Love that chalkboard book too! Maybe I'll put my own leftover paint to use in the same way. :) Great ideas!!


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