I'm a total blogging slacker, but when you've got a house full of sickies for two weeks something has to take the backseat right? 
I really want this space to be more than just what we did on our weekends...kind of like it used to be...back when I had time to blog about pretty things and creative endeavors and good food. I fully intend to be more creative with my posts, some weeks will just be more creative than others. 
Got it? Good.

Onto our weekend/week:

In the lull between the sicknesses, we got to meet sweet little Fern.
I was so smitten that I didn't get any pictures and this is the best one that Chris got:
 Bennett stole one of the blueberry muffins that we brought over for the very tired and hungry Hartmanns:
Friday night we went on date night with Abi and Josh.
We ate (a light) dinner at The Whole Bowl so we could fill precious stomach space with ice cream from Salt and Straw afterwards:
 I said goodbye to facebook after 8 years and I don't miss it one bit.
Fb profiles used to state when you joined fb...I joined in Nov. 2004 back when it was a newfangled thing that only large university students got to be a part of, started by some dude as a class project. 
A lot has changed.
My guilty-pleasure-time-wasters-of-choice are blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. 
Facebook had to go since it was lame.
(no offense if it's totally your favorite, it just wasn't mine.)
 B popped bubbles with a stick while Chris cleaned the gutters:
 Chris made crepes for breakfast.
banana nutella and strawberries with lemon curd:
 I took a picture of my ever-expanding belly...I'm 26 weeks!
  (which means only 14 weeks to go, give or take a few)
 I discovered that our milk contains milk.
Good to know.
 Chris has been gone for a few days and B and I have been sick, so we have been watching more tv and movies than normal. 
This was Bennett yesterday morning watching Word World:
(He was definitely in the zone.)
and I wanted Chris to come home to a clean house, 
so I played Cinderella yesterday while Bennett napped. 
(it kind of looks like I have a lazy eye in this picture, but I promise I don't. )
Today we are having amazing weather, so B and I went to the park so I could wear him out.
(lastnight he was awake from midnight to 5am because he wasn't tired. I just kept putting him back in his bed every time and he even got some spankings for being disobedient, but nothing phased him) 
Has anyone else had this happen? Please tell me it's a one night thing!

Happy Beautiful Thursday!


  1. echo on January 26, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    midnight to 5....uh no! but we do struggle with alomae not wanting to go to bed and stay in her bed on pretty much a nightly basis (spankings often do not phase my girl either, arg!) consistency is key. tonight will be better! it has to be right!?

  2. Gerry Adams on January 26, 2012 at 4:06 PM

    Like you pics. And you're right, facebook is totally lame. I have it because so many people I know are on it, but I don't look at it very often. I think blogs are way better any time. And I don't trust facebook at all.

  3. Kira on January 26, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    The photo of Bennett watching tv is so cute. I love his little slippers.

  4. Mrs. Wookie on January 26, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    The ONLY reason I'm still on FB is for my family. That's it. It's easiest to maintain group conversations without the hassle of "Reply to All" via email.

    I really should weed out the friends though. I'm just never on enough to care more than what those I share blood with are doing...

    Props for cannin' it.


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