A continuation of happenings over the last few weeks...
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We've had a great stretch of amazingly warm weather.
Chris and Bennett took advantage and decided to camp out in the backyard.
It only lasted until 9:30 when B decided that he'd rather sleep in his own bed.
(it was a good decision because the next morning we woke up to it pouring like crazy)
Setting up the tent:
Buck playing scoot soccer:
(yes, he's still scooting...and it's still adorable)
Bennett playing "train" with Buck in the wagon:
(I love that they are starting to actually play together, it's the sweetest thing)
I made this little succulent-scape for our outdoor table:
(though they have found their way inside since it's been raining)
We've thoroughly enjoyed our backyard.
Eating with no clothes on:
(Buck only)
And more eating outside...it's our favorite:
(we just so happened to be having the same thing in both of these pictures, but I promise they were at different times. 
If you like Banh Mi's you should make these!)
Lots of pool time:
And being cute:
(why yes, those are matching euro swim shorts)
Walking to the park with his friend Lucy:
Picking flowers (and eating them) at the park:
Buck started touching his head about a week ago and we thought it was cute,
but it turns out he has a double ear infection:
(he's doing great now, but I'm sad we didn't catch it sooner)
My baby boys:
(yes you guys will always be my babies, get used to it)
Shave ice with some friends:
Before he started his antibiotics, Buck (and we) had about 4 nights with almost no sleep.
The poor guy was so tired that he fell asleep mid-swing:
(though he looks quite comfy)
and he also fell asleep in his high chair a couple of times:
Now he's feeling much better and has had two night of sleeping 12 hours straight!
Also, he's pulling himself up onto everything and cruising around.
I think walking is right around the corner:
(B walked at 15 months, so it will be interesting to see if Buck makes it that long)

And that's the end of my photo dump.
I'm excited to celebrate Father's Day with Chris and the boys this weekend, it looks like we are going to have perfect weather for playing downtown!

Happy Friday Friends!


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