I think that when it's your birthday week, both of the weekends surrounding your birthday call for celebrating.
Chris turned 29 last Monday, but since he worked, we celebrated last weekend and this weekend. 
One of my gifts to him with the card I made:
Last Saturday we grabbed dinner at Lovejoy Bakers with Chris' parents then we got frozen yogurt and ate it at Jamison Square. While we were there we saw a flash mob proposal. 
It was pretty cute:
I forgot to mention that it was practically summer last weekend, it got up to 75 degrees which means shorts (and bearing very white legs) to Oregonians:
Sunday was Easter:
I think they liked their Easter haul:
Especially Buck:
Our friends invited us over to their house in the morning for brunch and an egg hunt:
Bennett checking out their chickens:
Then in the evening we went to church.
Handsome guys:
We broke out the tank tops for church:
On Monday Bennett had a dentist appointment:
(I'm the mean mom that scheduled their kid's dentist appt for the day after Easter)
Buck has been getting into everything lately.
One of his favorite things to do is to go into Bennett's room, open up his clothes drawer and dump out the underwear all over the ground:
(he's so proud of himself...little stinker)
Buckley has also been pulling up on things, but not quite to standing. 
He gets stuck in this kneeling position then whines for us to come help him get back down:
This week I ordered matching euro swim shorts for the boys:
(I normally would think that matching is super cheesy, but come on, look at them!)
I made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch. It took forever but was very tasty. I can't have much fat in my diet, so instead of the browned butter sauce (which sounds amazing) I just grilled them up in some balsamic vinegar, topped it with a little parmesan and it tasted great:

I also made beet, quinoa, chickpea burgers this week. I didn't take a picture but they were pretty good and it made enough to have a stash in the freezer. I love it when that happens.

We all woke up sick Saturday morning(being sick is no fun when your kids are sick as well...that's when you know you're an adult), but thankfully we were able to get in a date night with great friends on Friday night. I'll start off there on my next "week in review" post.

Have a great night friends!

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  1. Ashley on April 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    oh, those swim shorts! Can't wait to see those adorable pictures!... Hope you guys are feeling better :-)


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