This week we had a few sunny days.
We took advantage by going to the park:
Donde esta Bennett?:
We met Chris for lunch at the food carts by his work:
We had been wanting to try Nong's Khao Man Gai for forever.
Not only is it a food cart (with multiple carts around PDX) it's been voted one of the best restaraunts in the city. That's a pretty big feat. After tasting it, we knew why...
The menu contains different variations of the same dish, the famous Khao Man Gai (poached organic chicken and rice with sauce and broth on the side). I'm pretty sure it was the most tender chicken we've ever tasted and the rice was tasty as well, but once you put the sauce over everything it's obvious why people like it. We weren't quite sure what to do with the broth (dip? make a soup?) but we realized  that you're just supposed to drink it like an appetizer. It wasn't amazing, but that's okay because we had both eaten our meals already and were stuffed. So good!
Lunch bunch:
We ate lunch at the Lovejoy Fountain which is close to Chris' work, and of course B wanted to get his feet wet:
It started out with just his feet, but he ended up having to ride home in his underwear because his pants were soaked. Oh the life of a three year old:
The cats relaxed.
 (what's new)
They seriously love eachother:
Lauren and I had a girl date on Wednesday.
We grabbed a quick dinner at New Seasons 
(the workers were impressed with my hot wok-building skills)
then we headed to the mall where we played with makeup at Sephora, tried on clothes at H&M(why is it that I only ended up buying something for Buck) and I got my eyebrows threaded. I had been wanting to try it for a while and it was crazy, awesome, facinating, painful, but still better than waxing. Hooray for having a shape to my eyebrows again!
My impressive wok bowl:
Friday night we met up with Craig and Lauren at Whole Foods for a quick dinner then hung out at their house for a while before bedtime:
Saturday we went over to my mom's for a bit.
B getting some fresh air outside:
And we came home for a nap. I ended up bringing Buck in to nap with me after he woke up after sleeping for like 30 minutes. I hadn't done that in months but I knew he needed the extra sleep since he's been sick, and I didn't mind the snuggles or the snores:
Last night The Carters came over for dinner.
Avery and Thor ate together:
and Buck is still scooting up a storm.
He has figured out how to push things while scooting, which is pretty impressive.
I got this video while we were at my moms:
IMG 8694 from Becca Hardesty on Vimeo.
The weekend is practically over now,
 have a great week friends!


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