We had the most beautiful weather on Friday.
After nap time, 
I took the boys up to the park for some swinging time:
Instead of date night, we all went over to the Hartmann's for Chipolte and play time:
(Lauren, I decided that we look identical from that angle...weird!) 
While we were changing diapers and getting the kid's pjs on, Fern and Buckley held hands for a bit. 
It was so sweet, but I didn't catch it in time.
This is Lauren trying to get them to do it again:
(of course they didn't...little stinkers)
Saturday was pretty low key.
We snuggled on the couch:
We tackled a lot of tasks on our to-do list like hanging these in the living room:
and putting up our cute little catch-all basket in the laundry room:
(no more pile sitting on the counter!)
Bennett did the second project from his Kiwi Crate (the little green monster)
and I taught him how to use scissors, so he was really into cutting paper for most of the morning:
and we had friends over that night for play time and dinner.
Buck couldn't wait for them to get here:
Sunday morning my mom came over to play with the boys while Chris and I grabbed a quick breakfast at New Seasons before heading to Home Depot to price out stuff for our upcoming bathroom remodel (!!!).
Handsome hubby waiting for food:
Sunday evening while we were at church,  Ember relaxed with a nice latte and peanut butter cookies: 

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Kira on February 27, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    Did Scout take that photo of Ember while you guys were gone? ;)

    And, I really can't tell if that is you or Lauren. I'm going with Lauren as my guess though.

  2. Bon Bon on February 28, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    you and Lauren ARE very specific angle twins!:-) Funny! xoxo


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