So I'm pretty sure both boys are going through growth spurts at the same time. I can't keep their clothes from fitting and their bellies full...Lord help me (and my cupboards) when they become teenagers!

Onto the weekend...

Buckley had a little cold over the weekend, but the upside is that he is Mr. Snuggles when he is sick. He was being so sweet and silly and I was trying to take a picture of him giving me a big slobbery kiss (I think he was trying to teethe on my cheek, though I like to think he was kissing me) but he decided to pull my hair instead right when I took the picture. Somehow it turned out super cute and you can't see all of the baby drool/snot on my face. I think it's my favorite picture of us yet:
He started eating finger foods:
(my floors will never be clean again)
Friday night we had my family over for dinner and hang out time.
I decided to make this flourless chocolate cake and it was so good!
recipe and picture via
Saturday morning breakfast included smoothies:
I went to Piccolina to sell/consign some things and came home with these:
After nap, Chris and Bennett met up with their best friends Stephen and Avery for bowling.
Buckley and I got to take a nap and bask in the quietness of our house.
Every once in a while Chris would send me pictures from bowling:
Isn't that little contraption the coolest?:
Sunday Chris made us a tasty breakfast, then we went to the park for a quick swinging session:
We just hung around the house the rest of the day until church.
Bennett made Scout a little nest and he actually stayed in it for a long time.
Looks cozy to me!
We've got two fully days of cleaning and shopping ahead of us, though I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice for us in Portland over the next few days.
Weekend come quickly!

Happy Thursday Friends!

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  1. Kira on February 7, 2013 at 5:47 PM

    I love that picture of you and Buckley!


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