So it's definitely Friday afternoon and I'm just posting about last weekend.
It's been a little busy at our house since Bennett turned 3 on Tuesday and I decided to seperate the friends and family birthday parties this year. Two parties in one week = a lot to do!

Onto last weekend...

Friday night Chris and I had date night. Right as we parked our car downtown we noticed a bunch of smoke down the street. At first we didn't think anything of it but we quickly realized that a car was on fire and a crowd began to form and watch the action. It seemed like it took forever for the fire department to get there, but they arrived just in time...the car seemed like it was going to blow up! 
 We went to Prasad for dinner:
 On Saturday Bennett picked plums from our plum tree.
We have a massive amount this year and I'm not really ever sure what to do with them, but we gave a ton away to family and friends.
 Saturday afternoon we went to visit my great aunt Lena for her birthday.
She turned 95 and is the spunkiest old lady I've ever met.
Unfortunatley she has cancer (for the 2nd time) and is on hospice, so it was great for her to be able to meet Buckley. 
 Speaking of Buckley, when he's in his car seat, the head rest pushes his ears forward like this:
(and it's the cutest thing ever)
 Since last weekend was Labor Day, we had Chris home on Monday and decided to celebrate Bennett's birthday as a family a day early.
We got waffles from the Waffle Window:
And I made B take a ton of pictures on the wall across the street:
B got a special birthday treat at 10am, a sundae cup with sprinkles at Saint Cupcake Galore:
(they recently started selling ice cream and it's pretty tasty)
(and yes he did nap that day)

 We had Bennett's family birthday party Tuesday night.
It turned out pretty cute for only working on it the day beforehand.
(I'm planning on doing a full party post, don't worry)
B woke up on his birthday and sang Happy Birthday to Buckley:
He got this circus tent for his birthday from my sister and wanted to sleep in it that night:
(This is the face I get when I ask him to smile for the camera. Little stinker.) 
He got a set of 8 Thomas puzzles which have been keeping him busy.
(he can do them all himself!)
 and we got him a balance bike, which he loves.
In other big news, Buckley decided to roll over last night for the first time!
(a whole month earlier than Bennett rolled over!)

Happy Friday Friends!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nicole on September 8, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    All so fun! And looks like if Buckley keeps this up you'll have two mobile children before too much longer! :)


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