Bennett has had his fair share of sleep difficulties. 
He's never been the best sleeper, but when he sleeps, he sleeps hard.
Before Buckly was born, there was a period of time where B had a rough time getting down to sleep so he would play or cry himself to sleep.
I was always interested to see how/where he had fallen asleep that night as I went in to turn off his light.

I took pictures (not very good ones) but they are still funny to look at:
The wood floor doesn't seem so comfy:
Much better:
He apparentlly tried to booby trap me while he was crying at the door:
Did he fall asleep as he was getting out of bed?:
Where's Bennett?:
He really liked that rug:
For a couple of days he would bring toys onto the bed and play with them til he fell asleep:
Tush in the air:
Sometimes he was blocking the door so I would have to stick my phone in to see where he was at:
Passed out:
Bennett: You were such a stinker about going to sleep when you were two (for almost the entire year). You gave us more than a couple of sleepless nights because you were constantly getting out of bed (though it did help us adjust to having no sleep once Buckley got here). I have no doubt that your kids will do this to you...but no worries, because their kids will do it to them! 

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  1. Jessica Polley on September 21, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    This is so sweet - and hilarious. One day you can share these with him and have a good laugh. : )


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