Looking out our kitchen window Friday morning, I said to Chris "it looks like a branch fell down or something"...then we looked a little farther and an entire limb (1/4 of the tree) had in fact fallen down. Right where it snapped, we saw that it had been filled with cement. 
Weird right?
Apparently people used to fill parts of trees with cement in order to keep it from rotting any farther.
Cool, now we get to figure out what to do with it...
the joys of home ownership.
 Friday night we went to my cousin's wedding.
Buck wasn't really into it:
 He pretty much slept the whole time:
 We tried to get a decent picture of us:
 and my grandpa photobombed us:
Saturday morning Buck had a dance party:
(the sprinkler is his favorite move)
 and we went to Rejuvination to check out exterior lighting options.
They have the coolest stuff ever:
 In the afternoon we went to our niece's birthday party.
Bennett soaked his clothes and then wanted to change into his swim stuff:
 and he had a cupcake:
(more like shoved a cupcake)
 Bennett made Buck giggle for the first time. It was so sweet.
Love that sound. So far I've been unsucessful at trying to get him to giggle, no matter how goofy I look, he doesn't want to laugh at me.
 and Sunday after church Bennett said "Hey mama I grew a smushtache":
(it took me a while to figure out what he meant...sunglasses = mushtache)
Hoping to fit a nap in this afternoon!

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Nicole on August 16, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    I have never heard of anyone filling a tree with cement, interesting... And I LOVE Buck's new dance move! :)

  2. Cadie on August 16, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    Buck looks so much like Bennett! And, it was the same over here, Sahara can make Isla belly laugh, and I have the hardest time getting her to giggle! I guess siblings are the coolest. :)


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