This weekend felt like a long weekend, which is always nice...

Bennett and I hung out on the hammock:
 Bennett went to the Children's museum with his friends Lucy and Pearl.
He especially loved playing the bucket drums:
(his name Bennett Tabor means "blessed drummer" cool would it be if he actually became a drummer?!)
 He also did some shopping in their little market:
(Chris didn't approve of his coffee choice)
 He played with the giant lite brite:
(he had crazy hair all day, but I didn't bother to fix it for some reason)
 Thursday for date night Chris and I went to the Cornelius Pass McMenamins.
They have tons of outdoor seating that is pretty much in a forest lit up with strands of lights.
I could spend so much time out there:

Friday night we walked up to the park to swing before bed and some nice old ladies invited us into the community garden and let Bennett pick a bunch of their fruits and veggies:
(Proud of his onions. The little stinker always closes his eyes on purpose when I ask him to smile for a picture.) 
His bounty:
 Saturday morning snuggles while Chris was on a run:
Chris' awesome brother (who helped build the nursery) came to help install windows in/put up the new door.
(we finally got rid of the original door which was a hollow-core without a deadbolt...yes this house pretty much had an interior door for the front door for 60 years...that's safe right?)
How awesome do these windows look from Crestview Doors?!:
Bennett went with my mom to her company picnic and came back with Cookie Monster and Elmo painted on his face: 
 Sunday morning we made zucchini bread pancakes:
 And Chris' dad came over to help cut down the fallen apple tree limb:
 And also helped redo some of the siding:
 We finally got our front light fixture:
(The house isn't painted yet, I was just holding the light up against the swatch we painted to get the full effect. Me likey.)
(Imagine this with a red door next to it...pretty sweet huh?)
And that was our weekend.

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. Kelly on August 22, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    My gosh, I'm just dying over that picture of Bennett in the hammock!

    I can't wait to see your house once it's painted!

  2. Kira on August 24, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    I want to meet old ladies who give me food. Also, your door is so cool.

  3. Janelle on August 25, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    You have the sweetest little family! I love that all of my friends have blogs...I had no idea. I am so clueless. Its a whole new world for me. Haha...Welcome to 2012 Janelle!! ;)


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