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Obviously I'm not a first time mom, but when it came to packing our bags for the hospital I had no idea what to pack. Yes, I've done this before but I feel just as clueless as the first time around. 

There were a few things I specifically remember being helpful, but beyond that I felt pretty lost. 
I even scoured the internet trying to find any comprehensive "what to pack" lists. I didn't really find any one list that I felt was super helpful so I figured I'd make my own and share it with you guys. Hopefully other soon-to-be-mamas will find it helpful!

. . .

Overnight Bag: This bag contains what you would typically take on an overnight trip.
 (with some fun postpartum items thrown into the mix)

  1. Toiletries. Lotion and face moisurizer (hospital air tends to be dry). Contact solution, contacts case, glasses (not good things to forget for either you or your hubby), a razor (you can finally reach your legs to shave them!), some fancy shampoo and conditioner (once again, pamper yourself a little!)...I'm packing samples to save a little space.
  2. Hair stuff. You will be taking a lot of very important pictures during your stay, so you may want your hair to look somewhat decent. I'm also packing my shower cap and some dry shampoo.
  3. Postpartum goodies. You may or may not be aware of the fact that after you push a baby out, you bleed. A lot. For weeks. Tampons are a no-go, so giant pads it is (the hospital will most likely provide you with some while you are there along with some sweet mesh underwear) but you may want to bring some of your choosing in case you don't like the options. Speaking of underwear, pack a couple pairs that you don't mind throwing away in case you don't like the mesh ones. 
  4. Bella Bands. You will look like you're about 6 months pregnant for at least a few days, except that your belly will look/feel like jello. Don't fret...these bands will make you feel a little more secure and it just feels better to have something tight on your stomach.
  5. Nursing bras. Bring a sleep bra and one that has a little more substance to it. Your girls will be sticking out more than normal, which is always awkward when you have a constant flow of visitors wanting to take loads of pictures. 
  6. Clothing for you. Bring an assortment of maternity clothes and stretchy, normal clothes. You'll want a mixture of comfy clothes and maybe an outfit that's a little less scrub-like since you'll have guests most of the time. Don't forget pajamas!
  7. Clothing for hubby. In addition to his regular clothes, he may want to pack something to lounge in. Don't forget his pajamas as well.
  8. Long tank tops. (hopefully the ones mentioned hereThese are easy to pull down without getting stretched out for breastfeeding. You'll wear these underneath the tops I mention in #9.
  9. Looser-fitting tops. You may be a little self-concious about your post baby body (though you will be rejoicing that you are no longer a giant prego). Loose shirts will hide your jello belly, but will be easy to pull up for feedings. I went out and bought a couple new shirts and am really looking forward to wearing them. After wearing the same thing for months on end, it will be nice to put on something new.
  10. Pants. Both comfy and most likely will not be able to fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans for a few weeks. You'll probably just want to bring whatever you were the most comfortable in during your pregnancy.
  11. Brown-nosing treats for your recovery nurses. You may or may not be transfered to a new room after delivery, though you probably will get a whole new set of nurses after the shift change. Spoil them so they spoil you!

I hope you guys found this list at least somewhat helpful!

Mamas- feel free to add any items or suggestions you couldn't live without during your hospital stay in the comments!


  1. Kira on May 17, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    I went out and bought nursing tanks and those are what I packed to wear at the hospital. I wish I would have just packed regular long tanks because I realized pretty quickly that I hate nursing tanks. You can just pull a regular tank up or down from the neck a lot faster than it takes to unsnap your dumb nursing tank.

    So what I am saying is, sure bring the nursing stuff, but just bring your regular old comfy stuff too because it may work better for you!

  2. Em-Jae on May 18, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    Love this post -- very insightful! I'm totally pinning it ;]

  3. Cadie on May 18, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    Congratulations on your new little man!! He is so cute! And, your family looks great as a foursome! p.s. I don't remember if you had it listed on the previous post, but I loved my chapstick during delivery!


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