Obviously I'm not a first time mom, but when it came to packing our bags for the hospital I had no idea what to pack. Yes, I've done this before but I feel just as clueless as the first time around.

There were a few things I specifically remember being helpful, but beyond that I felt pretty lost. 
I even scoured the internet trying to find any comprehensive "what to pack" lists. I didn't really find any one list that I felt was super helpful so I figured I'd make my own and share it with you guys. Hopefully other soon-to-be-mamas will find it useful!

(*I realize that if you are delivering at a birthing center or are having a scheduled c-section your bags may look different than mine, but these posts will at least give you a starting off point if you feel as clueless as I did.)
. . .

I have three different bags packed for three specific purposes; the delivery bag, the overnight bag and the diaper bag...this first post is focusing on the most difficult to pack, yet probably the most important...

The Delivery Bag: Grab this bag first when you head into the hospital. It has your essentials for delivery in case your labor is going by quickly. 
(if it's going slowly, your hubby will most likely have a chance to grab the other bags, 
but no need to complicate your arrival with a bunch of luggage.)

  1.  Comfy tank and shorts. I don't mind wearing the hospital gown while I'm in labor because I know that if I were wearing something of my own, I would just end up throwing it away. Birthing a baby is not a clean process! I plan on wearing a tank under my gown this time mostly because I want to try to labor in the tub for a while, which may be a little awkward in a full on birthday suit (you have to walk down the hall to get to the tub). I'm also bringing some comfy shorts to change into afterwards.
  2. Comfort items for labor. When I was in labor with Bennett, my body was extremely hot and the only things that made me feel somewhat comfortable were a cold washcloth on my neck/forehead and being sprayed with cold water...this time I've also included a soft washcloth from home and a mini travel spray bottle. I also packed a dorky neck cooler (the gel beads expand when placed in water and really help to keep you cool). Other comfort items include chapstick, hair ties, head bands and bobby pins, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and makeup remover wipes. You may want to include some easy-to-apply eye shadow and mascara for a quick touch up after the baby comes out. You most likely won't even care what you look like, but it doesn't hurt to have some primping supplies just in case. These are, after all, some of the most important pictures you'll ever take!
  3. A towel and flip flops from home. The hospital towels are definitely not the softest, nor are they the biggest. Why not be a little more comfortable after pushing out a baby? You will probably be walking around a lot, and hospital floors are probably not the cleanest...even if you don't wear the flip flops during labor you may want to use them as shower shoes. Maybe I'm a little OCD about my feet being dirty? 
  4. A neck pillow. I was in labor for 25 hours with Bennett, so this neck pillow was a life saver. You should get one while you're prego anyways, it's been the only way for me to get comfortable these last few weeks.
  5. If you already have a little one at home, you've probably been worried about how your oldest is going to take to the new baby. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have Bennett pick out a small gift to give the baby (he even colored a picture for him on the wrapping paper). I'm hoping this will help B to realize that his baby brother isn't so bad after all.
  6. I've heard bringing a treat for the nurses is a good way to ensure top notch care. I'm not above brown-nosing, especially if it could mean a recovery room that's bigger than a closet!
  7. Chargers of all kinds. Phones and cameras will all be working overtime, and therefore will probably run out of juice at the most inopportune time. If you have a laptop, you may want to bring that with you as well...a lot of hospitals have free wifi!
  8. A cute and cozy blanket for once the little one is all cleaned up. You'll be wanting a lot of skin to skin contact in the beginning so he/she will most likely just be in a diaper. When it comes time to share your little bundle, wrap him/her up and get ready for paparazzi. 
  9. Baby book (not that you will have time/energy to fill it out) but it's a good idea to bring it so you can get the baby's sweet little hand and footprints while the nurses are doing them for the birth certificate. This time around I'm bringing a piece of folded cardstock and will have them put the prints on the inside then fold it closed so they won't smudge. Once I get home I'll dust them with cornstarch (to avoid any possible smudging in the future) and cut them out for the baby book.
  10. A waterbottle or cup with a straw. I'm pretty sure the hospital has cups/straws for you but for some reason I just really like having my own.
  11. Snacks, treats, clear fluids and candies and gum. You may or may not be able to eat during labor, but your hubby will probably get hungry for sure. I was able to bring clear fluids to drink during labor last time and it was nice to have something other than water. Oh and don't forget to eat as much hospital crunchy/pellet ice as you can during your stay. It's SO good, though I may be a little obsessed with ice right now. I've already let Chris know that I'd like a cup full of the cold/crunchy goodness once we arrive.
I hope you guys found this list at least somewhat helpful!

Mamas- feel free to add any items or suggestions you couldn't live without during delivery in the comments!

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