I've been a total blog slacker all week but in my defense we all have been feeling under the weather, and really blogging is the last thing I want to do when I don't feel well.
We're finally on the mend now!

Here's what we did last weekend...

Chris and I went to Red Onion for date night and got some delicious Thai food. 
I'm pretty sure I could eat Thai food everyday.

My fresh squeezed sparkling limeade and Chris' thai iced tea.
Amazing drinks and only $2 each!
 my old standby pad see ew:
 a little fun with picibooth:
 Saturday at the park:
Sunday I went to a PDX blogger brunch at Tasty 'n Sons:
(most of the girls go to Solid Rock, which was funny since we had never met before)
my first time trying their famous chocolate potato doughnut:
(soo good!)
 I never order fried chicken but I had to get the breakfast sandwich here.
Don't judge me. 
(it was smaller than it looks)
 I came home to a cozy fire and hang out time with the in-laws:
 This weekend I also made my very first fritatta, which was improvised without a recipe.
I actually started out making a mexican soup and was sauteeing onions and potatoes but decided the soup was a doozie, so I added eggs to the onion/potato pan with some dollops of ricotta and a little parmasen and s&p. 
I threw it in the oven to cook the top and to my surprise it turned out being pretty good!

Happy Thursday!
Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious I'll post tomorrow too,
two days in a row...can you handle it?!


  1. Bon Bon on October 13, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    ok. this post made me decide that tomorrow night is definitely Thai food date night for Daniel and I:-) Baby Bean is gonna be a'jumpin from the iced tea! yum! xoxo

  2. Sara on October 13, 2011 at 9:52 PM

    Sorry you guys were sick again! Glad you are feeling better!


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