Vintage chairs and apples

Last week Bennett and I went over to Hood River (45 mins east of Portland) with some friends to do to the 'fruit loop.' Hood River is in the Gorge between Washington and Oregon and is famous for it's orchards, especially the cherries and pears.

With three babies, we only ended up making it to one of the farms but it was the biggest and best one and they had a giant apple selection which is what we were going for.

They also had a row of super cute vintage lawn chairs and of course I had to get pictures of Bennett on them. Now that he can get up and go, he never wants to sit still anymore. When I was taking the pictures he decided to try diving head first off the chair. Mom fail! He was fine, but it scared him quite a bit until I distracted him with a funny little gourd then he was back to normal.

he thought the hay was a tasty treat:
his cankels always keep his skinny jeans from staying down:
more chair action:
one of the girls that went with us is a photographer and took this:
I'm always lured by the yummy farm treats. I got pumpkin butter and walla walla sweet onion mustard with roasted garlic. It's pretty much amazing.
I was in the mood to do some baking so I got 19lbs of apples and some really good asian pears:
So far I have made this apple bread:
and a buttload of applesauce:
I peeled and chopped 18 giant apples for 3.5 hours...ugh.

Next up are Kassi's apple squares, and they look amazing!

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  1. KiraLynn on October 18, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Wow Becca, 3.5 hours?! Now that is dedication! I bet it is all really delicious and totally worth it though. Those apples look amazing.


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