Six months in the making

We finally got our little family collage wall hung up! We have had all of the stuff for a while but have been too busy to actually put it you might remember, I surprised Chris with a Nan Lawson custom family portrait for his birthday back in April.

We weren't sure where to hang it and we didn't have a frame so it just kind of sat until I won a giveaway from The Love Shop and got to choose any print I wanted! I also wanted to hang up one of our family pictures and after three IKEA trips, we finally found the frames we wanted but ended up having to spray paint them white because the white ones were discontinued for some reason.

Anyways, I love how it turned out and I really like that all of our photobooth pictures on the side of the fridge are kind of incorporated in the collage!

My wedding ring is off getting fixed because it had a loose diamond and I feel pretty weird without it, especially with a baby I feel like people are judging me. Ok maybe I'm crazy but I still feel weird without it. I'm wearing a fake band I got at Macy's a few weeks before my wedding while my rings were off getting soldered. I have lost quite a bit of weight since then and it doesn't even fit the right finger anymore.
Since I miss mine, I somehow started looking at rings on etsy, and wanted to share this super cute one with you guys...
So cute and unique!


  1. Rach on October 7, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    your wall is so cute! I love the print too

  2. my name is lauren. on October 21, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    i love your little photo collage! i want a nan lawson custom print SO bad. i think i'll have to wait until we have a kid first though. the whole combination of photos together is fabulous! you guys are the cutest :)


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