Weekend In Review
4th of July

Looking back, I really didn't take many pictures and the ones that I did take are rather random. Please forgive me.

Saturday I decided to make patriotic red velvet cakeballs covered in white chocolate with 'blue' chocolate drizzles on top. These are the cakeballs before I covered them. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking and when things don't turn out like I imagined, I get really annoyed. Maybe that's why I didn't get any pictures of the finished product.
I also made some macaroons which turned out really good. I dipped them in dark chocolate after I took the picture ( I swear I used to be better at this whole picture taking thing). I had never made macaroons before and they were pretty darn easy and pretty impressive looking.
I think they tasted better a few days after baking.
We walked over to the Ace to grab some Stumptown...I always try to get a picture of this old hotel sign in the lobby. On Saturday there weren't people in the way so I was able to get it!
Bennett has never been able to wear shoes due to his 'kankles'. His feet just don't go into them because the chub won't let them. Well, I was determined to get his cute little feet into his Cons for church. They lasted for about 20 minutes until he got into the nursery then they promptly came off. Once he starts crawling (which I'm guessing will be in the next few days, he's SO close) all the sweet chub will disappear which makes me a little sad. I love it!
Sunday we went to our friend Tony's house for a day of BBQ-ing, game playing, relaxing and fireworks at night. I brought my sweet creations from the previous day and they disappeared very quickly. There probably was about 50-60 people and Bennett was totally cool with hanging out and being passed around the whole day. He's a ladies man already. I am seriously a blessed mama! At night, Bennett wanted to be social and not sleep. This is us watching fireworks on the front lawn:
Bennett looks like a zombie here:
On Monday my mom came over to watch Bennett for a bit while Chris and I went on a little date. We saw this movie in 3D:
We went to this ultra modern theater that plays mostly indie films and serves you amazing food while you watch your movie. We split a procuittio, apple and brie panini and a piece of the orange cheesecake. SO good! Here we are dorkin it up:
After the movie we stopped in at a vintage clothing shop we always walk by. We had fun looking through the stuff. I found some cool aviators and sweet boots but didn't get either. I always see people with super cute dresses that they find at vintage shops, but I had no such luck.
On our way back home we stopped at Forever 21 and I got a few summery tops to wear just in time for the weather to get butt-hot this week.
Thank the Lord for our air conditioned apartment!

And that was our weekend!


  1. molly YEH! on July 7, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    oooh are those bakerella's cake balls?? those look so yummy!!! sorry the finished ones didn't turn out :-( i get annoyed too when they don't look like the picture...

  2. my name is lauren. on July 7, 2010 at 8:12 PM

    looks like such a fun weekend! and bennett's little cankels in those converse...too cute!

    ...oh...and p.s. now i really want cakeballs...so thanks for that.

  3. KiraLynn on July 7, 2010 at 10:12 PM

    Oh man, that photo of Bennett's little legs is so adorable! You should frame it.


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