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This is Bennett right before he fed himself for the first time sitting in his new highchair!

This is him after finishing (different meal/different bib).
As you can see, he throughouly enjoys making a giant mess.

I wanted to write a review for the things I find super useful during Bennett's meals.
There are so many choices out there, but luckily through nannying I was able to try out a lot of different products (that's how I found these amazing bibs) so I thought I would share since some of you are moms (or will be in the future!)

Inglesina Fast clip-on highchair (in navy):
I liked the idea of a clip-on highchair because we can just fold it up and put it on a shelf when we aren't using it. Especially since we live in a tiny downtown apartment, I didn't want anything that had a footprint to it.
I really liked this highchair compared to other clip-ons because it looked the most comfortable for Bennett. The back has plenty of padding (unlike the phil & teds) and Bennett doesn't mind sitting in it while he watches me cook dinner. It also had excellent reviews everywhere I looked.
The only thing I wasn't sure about was the fabric but Bennett has smashed all sorts of food into it and I just wipe it down with a washcloth afterwards and it still looks like new after a few weeks. It is so secure and fits perfectly at our bar so he can eat right in between us.
I also like that it has two pouches; one on the back for a bib so you always have one, and a pouch on the bottom that has an attached bag to carry the chair in! I love that we can take it when we go out to eat because those wooden highchairs give me the creeps!

I ordered his highchair from for $49.99 with free shipping and it came in 2 or 3 days!

I got a cheap tablecloth to catch any food that accidentally (or purposefully) finds its way to the ground below him.

Skip Hop Mate stay-put mat and plate

As I was reading reviews for the highchair, some had mentioned that this cute little placemat/plate combo fits right in between the bars of the highchair. I know kids like to flip their food-filled plates over so this was a no-brainer once we got the highchair.
We put it on the counter before we tighten the highchair so it actually sits underneath and between the bars so there is no physical way it could be flipped! I like that the white plate comes out so I can be getting his meal ready all at once on the other side of the counter then I just put it in the little place and Bennett is one happy little man.
This is a must-have if you get the highchair! (it comes in pink and turquoise too)

It runs about $20 wherever Skip-Hop products are sold. I got mine at a little boutique in Portland called Posh Baby.

Bumkins Super Bib

When I was nannying, I was with a different family almost everyday. I soon realized that bibs get NASTY, especially if they are a cloth or absorbent material that can only be used once before they have to go to the laundry.
It wasn't uncommon for me to see stinky, mildewy bibs because they never dried out.

With that said, the day I first saw these bibs I told myself I would get these when I have kids.
They are completely waterproof (the little pocket on the bottom actually holds water without it seeping out!) and if they are a little dirty you can just wipe them off. If they are really dirty I just rinse the whole thing under the faucet and either hang them or lay them out to dry. They dry within ten minutes (even if they were soaking wet), they never smell, and they come so clean that I only need to throw them in the laundry once a week (crazy, right?!)

Try to get a multi pack if you can find them. I love the Keith Haring 3 pack on the Bumkins website because the prints aren't too cutesy.

One mistake I made was getting the Starter Bib, which we never used because it fits 0-3months so it was too small once Bennett started eating solid foods.

I highly recommend these bibs if you plan on feeding your baby! :)

I got both of mine from Babies R Us for $6.50 each.

Let me know if you found my reviews helpful and maybe I will do more in the future!


  1. Kelly on July 1, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    Your little guy makes the funniest faces!

    But you're totally right about those bibs... Some of the little ones I used to sit for had them, and it really did make clean up SO much easier. Thanks for posting all your tricks! I might have to look into that high chair once I have a kiddo of my own :)

  2. Olivia on July 2, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    little something for you on my blog today! (but blogger is making me nuts and won't let the link not show!? sorrry)

  3. molly YEH! on July 2, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    i just found your blog through olivia's!! and i do love a portland blog...

    that baby has the most amazing eyes EVER.

  4. my name is lauren. on July 6, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    thanks for the suggestions...i'll have to keep them in mind for when i have a little one :).

    oh...and i hope that argan oil works out for you...i'm seriously in love with it!


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