Weekend In Review:
Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day Weekend, we always go down to Medford, where I lived for eleven years before moving to college. I have no family down there anymore, but the next best thing is family friends!

Chris got off work early, so we headed out around lunchtime.
We rarely eat fast food, but we told ourselves we were now on vacation, so on our way out of town we grabbed some delish Burgerville.
Fresh Strawberry milkshakes and Tillamook cheeseburgers=amazing!

4.5 hours later, we got down to Medford (if you aren't sure where that is, it's about 20miles from the Northern California border.)

Dana and I have been friends for 17 years (ever since she saw me riding my pink splatter-painted Huffy around in my pink, lace-trimmed spandex) ( I had just moved to Medford and was trying to impress and make some friends, okay?!)

We always stay at her parent's house and Dana comes and stays too. They are the most generous people ever and they love us like family. They always make huge meals and never let us pay for anything. Chris especially loves their GIANT movie collection and theater room!

Dana and I being civil:
Demonstrating how we used to fight like sisters:
(I may or may not have kicked/punched her a few times when we were little)
We spent an afternoon at Dana's family's cabin at Lake of the Woods. We were just there for a birthday party, so no boat action for us this year. It was still nice to sit on the dock in the sun for a while. I want teleport back though this picture:
A lot of our time was spent in the pool back at the house. It's a fresh-water pool which is awesome because I'm not sure how Bennett's sensitive skin would handle chlorine.
This was his first time in a pool and he absolutely loved it!
He loved splashing.
(when he splashed, it went up into his face, which he was not fond of)

And he loved lounging in his floaty thing.
Getting sleepy:
Raisin feet!
Call us dorks, but when we weren't swimming or sleeping, we were watching the first 10 episodes of Glee that we hadn't seen yet.
There was also some Wii bowling, DQ Blizzards and a lot of good food involved.


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