Weekend In Review
Fathers Day Weekend
(a little late, but eh...what the heck)

We had a pretty low key but eventful weekend if that makes sense.

Bennett was very excited to celebrate his daddy!
He pretty much thinks his dad is the best.
Chris teaches him to do lots of stuff like play the guitar.
We walked down the park blocks and ate at a new restaurant called Violetta
...and it was oh so good!
I got a cob salad and Chris got the turkey club burger. We also split the tastiest sweet potato fries. I never remember to take pictures of my food because I'm so excited to eat it once it comes. Oops!

Afterwards, we walked over to get some coffee at Stumptown
and hang out at the Ace for a bit.
Took some pictures
And did the photobooth which is always fun!
That night my mom came and watched Bennett while Chris and I went on a little movie date. We saw "Date Night" at the McMenamins Mission Theater. The theater is so close to us but we never knew it was there. It was so cool! The only downside is that they don't have any fries, tots or ice cream (the best part of McMenamins!)

Sunday morning we went to church.
Bennett had a blast playing in the nursery as always.
Afterwards, he practiced being a rockstar.
Then we went bowling with my dad, siblings and niece and nephew for Fathers Day.
I decided two things:
1. it's impossible to look cool bowling.
2. no matter how good you are at Wii bowling, you probably aren't good at it in real life.
Chris and my nephew Lukas:
The best part (besides the shoes) was that they were playing 90's music and Chris and I were having a contest to see who could name the band first. I dominated. Big time.
Family photo:
And that was our weekend.
The sun is out in Portland (finally) so we are headed out!


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