I Seattle

We left bright and early Saturday morning and drove up to Seattle for the day.

I hadn't been since I was little and had never been to Pike Place,
which is where we spent the whole day.

I loved everything about it...

We had no idea what this pig was but saw people taking
pictures with it so so figured we probably should too.

Pike place also has a GIANT farmers market with amazing looking produce.
I wish we had more than a stroller basket to store stuff.

We wanted to eat at Ivar's but decided to try out the food at the booths with long lines.
(it must be good obviously)

Best idea we had all day...

This gyro was DELISH.

This was also the first time I've ever willingly eaten a tomato.

It was smothered in the best tzaziki sauce ever.

I didn't want to waste any!

We walked by this place multiple times and it always had a long line,
so we decided to see what the fuss was about.

It was pretty much like a warm baked apple cinnamon roll.

So good!

We also got a bbq pork hum bao and I wish we would have got about 36 more
because it was by far the best thing we had all day.

...so good that we forgot to take pictures of the sweet goodness.

You can buy flowers pretty much anywhere and they all were so fresh and beautiful.

I got this giant bouquet for only $10!

Here are a few artsy pics from the trip:

And we went to H & M which you need pretty much a whole afternoon to navigate

(if you are like me who has to touch everything)

Crappy loud music. Long lines. Fun, cheap clothes.
(this should be their slogan)

I got a few things including this dress (in white)!

It got super wrinkly though cause we crammed our bag into the stroller basket for the day,
so I'll have to iron the pleats out again. Bummer.

I love it though.

So summery and flowy.

We unfortunately went to the wrong H&M...
we didn't realize it was the other one that had kids clothes.


Needless to say...we will be going back!


  1. Tracy: on April 14, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Oh, I LOVE Seattle! What a fun pics! Looks like a blissful weekend with your little family! AND I heart your bangs!! DARLING!

  2. my name is lauren. on April 15, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    i can't believe you'd never been to pike's market. so glad you went! i'm definitely going to have to try out those places with the long lines where you went next time i'm there. looks delicious!

    and i want to go to h&m SO badly! i've never been. i don't know if craig could be convinced to take a trip just to go there though. maybe we should plan a girl's day trip :). i'm totally like you too...i touch EVERYTHING!


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