Last week we packed up the car and headed to go camp in a yurt at Fort Stevens State Park in the very north west part of Oregon. We haven't been since Bennett was Buck's age but we've looked forward to going again ever since. The yurts are so hard to get, they fill up quickly so you pretty much have to reserve 6 months in advance. We reserved ours in February!

All ready to go:
(and relieved that everything/everybody fit)
The boys are back there somewhere:
All settled in:
(just waiting for my sister, niece and nephew to arrive)
Our toys fit nicely inside:
We made him his own little play area:
(I think the big kids liked it better than he did)
Buck approved of this camping breakfast:
Chris and the kids:
My sister and Buck's stinkface:
Chris and Bennett at the remains of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck:
Buck mid-hop:
and eating the sand:
Dressed for Hawaii and playing in the sand:
Exploring Ft. Stevens:
(Fort Stevens was built where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean in 1864 and it served to protect the U.S. during the Civil War and WWII. It is actually the "only military installation in the continental US to receive hostile fire during WWII"...thanks wikipedia)



Totally looks like Africa...not that I've ever been there, 
but this is what I'd imagine it looks like:
I was surprised that Bennett wanted to sleep on the top bunk, and I was sure he would wake up scared in the middle of the night...that or just plain fall off, but he did great!
This was our view in the morning:
("mommy, daddy are you awake yet?")
Buck was teething multiple molars and had been waking up the nights leading up to camping, but he actually slept the whole night through all three nights (even with us all in the same little yurt!). I was nervous about how sleeping would work out but it worked out great...probably because we all just passed out once our heads hit the pillow!

Napping was a little more difficult since it was so bright in the yurt. We timed most of his naps so they coincided with a bike ride since he always falls asleep in the bike trailer, and it worked like a charm.
Sleepy, cranky (but cute) boy:
(or roaring)
Waiting for our ice cream on the last night:
As always, we had tons of fun and we're already looking forward to going a few times next year!
(I should probably get on reserving those)

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. kelli on August 11, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Looks like so much fun!! I totally want to go!

  2. Sara on August 14, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    We have to go with you guys next year!!! We should find out when the earliest you can reserve yurts is and book it!


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