Fawn and Forest featured Buckley's room on their blog last week.
Buck's room kind of has the same feel to it as Bennett's does; 
(Bennett's room was featured a while back in case you  missed it.)
lots of white, some vintage, some modern with pops of color.
I love Buck's room just as much as Bennett's, so I'm glad 
we won't have to change their rooms much as they grow.

Standing at the door:
The mobile I made, and love:
(I kind of want it in our room)
We almost went with a grey bookcase.
I'm so glad we chose red:

Cozy vintage chair:
(it's been in the family for a long, long time. I used to curl up in it when I was little)
That's it!
Buck's room is the smallest in the house and it's so hard to take pictures of a small room, but I think these turned out pretty good. 


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