Does anyone else feel like this week went by so quickly?!
We've had amazing weather and it's been so nice to have a break from the rain.

Over the weekend we built big towers and let Buck knock them over:
We ate lunch outside:
Chris sent me out of the house to do whatever I wanted while he watched the boys for a few hours.
I decided to grab a dark chocolate mocha at Moonstruck and headed to Target then H&M.
I found a of couple new things to wear, but now summer needs to get here so I can wear them!

The boys have been playing so well together lately.
Playtime in PJs on Monday:
I feel like Buck has grown so much in the last month, as you can see from his super tight PJs below:
(We had to go out and get him a bunch of new ones. Also, he likes to make 'farting' noises with his mouth.)
We went to the pet store to get cat food, but of course had to stop and see all of the animals:
Buckley started sleeping like this:
(LOVE it!)
We went to the zoo:
and finally visited the train at the World Forestry Museum across the parking lot:
We also went to the library twice this week.
Wednesday we checked out about 50 books.
  (B gets a new one every night to coax him to stay in bed. Does it work? For about 5 minutes.)
And this morning we met up with our friends at the library.
Bennett and Avery have been best friends since before they were born (I'm pretty sure).
As we were leaving the library Avery was sad that it was time to go, so B walked her out of the library holding her hand until we got to the parking lot then he gave her the biggest hug and a kiss. 
Who's kid is this?!
It's a good thing we like her parents ;)
Too stinkin' sweet:
And I finally got a video of Buckley scooting!
I never want to forget this stage, it's pretty adorable:

Happy Weekend Friends!

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  1. Kira on March 16, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    That Bennett and Avery photo is so sweet and I love Buckley's scoot!


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